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I seem to recall a website where it was like a writing sprint, but you had to write a certain amount in a time limit or it would start threatening you (or something!) and you picked a level.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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I think one of my favorite things about writing is what a surprise it can be. I'll get a story idea that can be a little thing, maybe a thought or a feeling or a word or a sentence or even an entire scene, and you build the whole fic around that.

Feelings are my favorite because then you REALLY don't know how it's going to turn out, just the mood of the whole thing or something that the character feels.

I have pages and pages worth of sentences, words, feelings, scenes, things that got taken out of fics and stories that I want to use someday, story titles, names, and pictures. Little things are bolded or highlighted, or have little notes next to them.

Yeah, sometimes writing can be a real pain in the ass. But I look at those things and remember why I love it so much.
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37,607 words so far  

I'm doing pretty well! Though I think this might be my last year for a while. I've done it 4 years now and 1. I get really exhausted (I've been sick with a cold the past week which makes me not want to write) 2. I end up either never opening/finishing the novel I started because I don't even want to know what I was on half the time, or if I do, then I get so overwhelmed by all the editing I have to do that I never do it.

Not to mention that NaNoWriMo was more fun in the past. Even years where I failed miserably, the whole environment was so much fun that honestly, I didn't care. So next year I might take it off. After that, who knows? I know that the college I want to go to has nice group NaNoWriMo writing sessions so if I end up going there, maybe I'll do that.

I have the next week off, so I'll do a lot of writing then.

How is everyone else doing?


Nov. 2nd, 2010 12:51 pm
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I just completed 25/25 prompts for [ profile] schmoop_bingo 


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3,288 words so far  

WOOHOO! Most of that is my word count yesterday, but I got some from today, too. While writing an essay for Anthropology I was thinking about my story, and I have some ideas. Mostly, I wrote parts of it in my head, so hopefully that'll translate on paper (or, computer) rather well.

Question, is the blogging every day challenge this month too? Because I might also do that.
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You know how sometimes when you write, the words just won't come out right?

That's what it's like for my Arthur/Morgana in the Inception universe story. I sat on it for about a week and a half, trying to play around with it, make it better and less random and have it make more sense.

I finally just posted it today. I figured I wasn't going to be able to do much else. Better luck next time, right? And hey, maybe I'm just being too hard on myself. That happens sometimes, when I write. 
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Fic Status

Total number of fics written/posted: 36
Number of fics completed: 26
Number of unfinished fics I actually plan on continuing: 4

Fics abandoned for sure: 5
Greatest amount of words for a fic written (NOT COUNTING NANOWRIMO): 26,000

Fandoms written for: 5
Years I've been writing: 6 years

ALSO I POSTED MY FIRST 2 INCEPTION FANFICS! You can find them at [ profile] athenas_garden  and both are Arthur/Ariadne.
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Title: Fruit Salad
Author: [ profile] ladysophiekitty 
Fandom: Bones
Characters/Pairing: Booth, Brennan Booth/Brennan.
Table: In the Dark
Prompt: #12, Electricity
Rating: PG
Warnings: slight spoilers for season 4
Word Count: 300
Summary: This is for [ profile] dontgetanyolder who gave me the prompt Brennan catches Booth singing. After the last ficlet for this series, here's something light! Thanks to [ profile] vamp926  and [ profile] christinaof94  for the help
Notes: The song is Fruit Salad by the Wiggles.

In the Dark #13
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Title: Pickles
Author: [ profile] ladysophiekitty 
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairing: Harry, Hermione, Harry/Hermione
Rating: PG
Word count: 256
Prompt: [ profile] woahpip  's prompt on my LJ. Hope you enjoyed! It turned out very silly.
Summary: "No Harry, I will not finish your pickle."
Warnings: No spoilers.

here at my fic journal


Dec. 2nd, 2009 07:50 am
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click to see my thread.
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I decided finally that I am done with my Harry Potter work-in-progress stories. I've been trying to write them for ages and putting them on my fic-to-finish list. But the stories are so old and I hate them and it's not working out so I told myself I am done. Well, minus one story that I don't hate so much that I'm going to attempt to write.

My fic-to-finish list went from in the 30's to 3 unfinished fic! It's like a weight off of my chest has been lifted. This is freeing! And now finishing everything on my fic-to-finish list doesn't seem like such a chore and it doesn't seem so impossible. :)
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Today is my fifth fan fic anniversary. I always think of Thanksgiving as my anniversary even though that date changes every year, but this is the official day.

Five years ago we were planning to go to my mom's boyfriend's parents house for Thanksgiving but my sister was having heart problems (I forget what it's called but sometimes her heart starts to beat really fast) and I had a bad cough so mom canceled on them and we stayed home. I'd been reading fanfic for about 3 months at that time (the day I started reading fic, I turned into an internet addict *points to icon*) and I decided to type up this fanfic I'd written the first chapter to. I posted it on and then I got my first review and I got addicted. I wrote 4 (badly written and short) chapters that day because I didn't want the reviews to slow down.

I remember later on we invited dad (which was weird since at that point my parents had been divorced for 7 years and my mom hated dad and they had been fighting) to have a Thanksgiving dinner at Mimi's Cafe, so even though it wasn't an at home and home cooked dinner, we still got our meal.

In those three months, I'd wanted to write fic so bad. But the ideas never came. However, once the first fic was written, the ideas never stopped coming and they still haven't stopped coming.

I think I'm going to try to finish NaNoWriMo today since this date has special meaning and I only have 3K left to go, LOL.
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45,070 words so far


I'm going to give the biggest sigh of relief when this is over.

Also, HUGE thanks to everyone for the replies on my cat post and for wishing me happy birthday! My flist spoiled me yesterday <3
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5,154 words so far  

I wrote 3,000 words today! *dies*

But I reached my goal! I wanted to get to 5 K. I want to get to 15 K by Friday. Let's see if that happens!

LOL, I've already reached more words than I have in both of the previous years. Isn't that sad?


Oct. 31st, 2009 09:51 am
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 Would someone mind being a beta for my new Bones fic? I'm planning for it to be around seven chapters long, and I'm entering it for this month's [profile] ficfinishing  so hopefully I'll have new chapters out pretty fast.

I'm looking for someone who has the time to read faster updates, who doesn't mind Booth and Brennan having a kid (I'm not usually the biggest fan myself, hahaha), and who doesn't mind occasionally giving me ideas. 

Any takers? 

Never mind! Found one. 

Fic prompts

Aug. 5th, 2009 10:29 am
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I can't promise that I'll e able to write any or all of them as my muse has been tricky this past year, but throw a fic prompt my way and I'll see what happens.
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[ profile] amilyn linked me to this when I was complaining about some readers and how it no longer gives me pleasure to update a story that I wrote at age 11 or 12 in a fandom that I am no longer really involved in. Unfortunately, every time I announce I'm going to take a break, every time I announce that I am done with a story, every time it takes me ages to update, I get a lot of negative reviews and messages and such. Seriously, my writing, people. So yeah, this link makes me feel so much better.

My only problem now is how tempted I feel to respond with, "Sophie is NOT YOUR BITCH"

You know what? I think I am done with some of my stories. If I feel inspired to finish or update them, great. But I am done with forcing myself into updating, because it's just not happening. And my readers are just going to have to deal with that.

Hopefully this point of view lasts.

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I wrote the site and then I wrote the girl telling her that I had written the site and that I wouldn't hesitate to take further actions against her if I had to. The admin then wrote me this:

I'll delete everything right way.
Just so you know she said that her account was this also.
and her user name on portkey is evilrubberducky.
Sorry for this.

Um yeah, those are me just on older, lamer usernames. Thanks for trying to take me down with you, bitch. God, now I'm all paranoid about my writing. At least the site took them down no problem. If I had to fight hard to get them down, I would be even more pissed off.

I honestly don't understand the point. I wrote those stories and I worked hard on them, so It pleases me to see them up and get reviews. But this girl, she didn't work at all. What pleasure can it possibly give her to see someone else's work with someone else's reviews? Not to mention that she must like my writing at least a little bit (because I don't think she would have plagiarized something she hated) but why would you do that to an author you admire? It's so rude and disrespectful and not a great way to show that you like their writing. 

Aaaaand I'm probably a little insane for doing this as I'm feeling a bit sensitive writing wise right now but:

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I'm definitely an author. Because I've just caught my stories being plagiarized on this Harry/Hermione site. Same name, all of my Harry Potter stories posted (minus one of them) posted there. The site glitched for a moment giving all of my stories the same posting date which creeped me out for a second because it told me that Missing Her was posted before it was ever written. Then I pressed refresh and the dates made sense.

They say that imitation is a form of flattery, and it could be because I'm already having a shitty day, but fuck, I'm pissed. I contacted the site, so hopefully eveything turns out okay. 


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