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2009 was actually a pretty productive year for me, more productive than some previous years. Fic:
A Day With the Squints

A Booth/Brennan story with a kid warning. Last story I wrote with this beta who had been my beta for a long time, so mostly written for sentimental reasons. Only the first chapter of 5 is posted so far. Booth and Brennan leave town for a few days and leave their daughter, Emily, in the care of the squints. 

The Five Stages of Grief

a fic about Brennan going through the 5 stages of grief after her parents left.

Trick or Treat

an Angel/Cordelia one-shot I wrote for a Halloween Ficathon
In the Dark (a "drabble" though it's really a ficlet challenge that I have to write 21 drabbles for the pairing Booth/Brennan):
In the Dark #7 and 8
In the Dark #9

In the Dark #10

In the Dark #11
In the Dark #12

Forgotten Fairytale

Takes place near the end of season 4 of Angel, Cordelia's thoughts while she's in a coma. Vague Angel/Cordelia.


Takes place during the Angel season 5 finale, Angel thinks about the different families he's had throughout the years.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Cordelia tells Angel that he reminds her of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Living Situations

Takes place in Buffy season 3, Cordelia's thoughts on her less than ideal living situation.

Hospital Horrors

Takes place in season 3. Wesley's POV on the hospital scene where Angel tries to choke him.

Cuz I Can: A Faith Fanmix
Road to Redemption: An Angel Fanmix

Stand By You-A Booth/Brennan Fanmix
I'm in Love-A Booth/Brennan fanmix

Breaking the Habit: A Faith fanmix12


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