Sep. 12th, 2013

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Chicken piccata recipe

My sister cooked a chicken stir-fry a couple nights ago and didn't cook all the chicken, so there was still one piece left in the freezer that I decided to do something with. I spent a lot of time looking at recipes, but unfortunately most either used the oven (which I'd prefer not to do for a one-person dish during the summer) or used ingredients that I didn't have. So it was nice when I found this recipe, which was cooked using the stove, had simple ingredients that I had around, and didn't require too much adjustment to change portions.

This was good. Easy to put together and cook. Unfortunately for once we didn't have freshly grated Parmesan, so I had to use the store-bought kind. Next time I will have to try the other way! I used the white wine option, and it took me slightly longer than it said for it to cook the whole way through. She said 3 minutes for each side, I probably did about 6 or 7.

It was also my first time doing (and hearing about) the butterfly cut, but once I found the right knife to use it was pretty easy to do. All in all, her estimate of 20-30 minutes was actually accurate in my case. I'm used to being much slower than they say but this was simple enough.


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