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To anyone who doesn't know: I love love LOVE history. Seriously. Which was why Dad rented the movie Princess Kaiulani for me.

I do know some things about her. I read the Royal Diaries book about her when I was younger, which leads to me doing some research on her now and then, and she does pop up in some of my pleasure history books. I am, by no means, an expert, however. I certainly don't know as much about her as, say, the Tudors. So, here are my thoughts about the movie.

It was OK. Some of the scenery was beautiful, and, me being my usual shallow self, some of the dresses were pretty too. What got me was the whole made up love story, which got in the way of her story, which is an interesting one. We did get some of her fighting for her people's rights, yes. But not very much, or about her life being a, well, "ex princess" in the year before she died. Her withdrawal from life.  All of that would be very interesting story telling. Instead, we got a forbidden love story.

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I was bored tonight, but I don't have PS on this computer, so I fooled around on photobucket instead. Mostly fooling around with the same images. I'll probably make another post later.
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As some of you may know, I love history. Last October in English we were assigned to write a story poem that was at least 40 lines long. I chose mine on Anne Boleyn. Unfortunately I had lost it for a while and only recently refound it, and so I can always find it if I need to, I decided I'd post it here. So please tell me what you think! Oh, and I apologize for any errors, my Dad's keyboard is rather difficult to type with.

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