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Title: Forgotten Memories
Author: LadySophieKitty
Fandom: Bones
Characters/Pairing: Booth, Brennan Booth/Brennan.
Table: In the Dark
Prompt: The Night We Met (#9)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 300
Summary: Dreams reveal the most interesting things


For most people, their imagination was a way to escape from the world. Not for Temperance Brennan. Yes, pretend was nice while it lasted, but it was always cruel returning back to reality. It wouldn't make the bad things go away or make her parents come back or change anything in the world. Not to mention, imagination usually came from ignorance. What was that saying? Be careful what you wish for. Like most girls. Temperance wanted to be a princess as a small child. How disappointed she was when she learned that being a princess wasn't as great as everyone thought it was, and that princesses had a lot of problems! Particularly those in history. That put a stop to wanting to be a princess, and thus her quest for knowledge grew even greater than it already was. Knowledge would get her places in life, this quest would distract her from her troubles, and most importantly, just like with being a princess, perhaps it would stop her imagination, and thus great disappointment.

Despite all this, the first time Temperance saw him, she thought her mind was playing tricks on her. Sometimes when she was working too hard, he, this faceless man who filled her with warmth when she thought of him, would take her away and make her eat something. When her foster parent was particularly bad, he would take her away for a while and make her happy, at least for a short time.

Brennan woke up, breathing hard. She sat up in her bed, pondering. She didn't dream much, and had memory dreams even less, and when she did, they were usually fairly accurate. But while the first part had been true, there hadn’t been anyone. In reality, except for her brain, Brennan had been all alone. She frowned slightly, wondering where that had come from, when her ringing cell phone brought her out of her thoughts. "Bones, let's go get something to eat at the diner before we work on paperwork for the case,"

Yes, it was quite the mystery indeed.

Title: Stardust
Author: LadySophieKitty
Fandom: Bones
Characters/Pairing: Booth, Brennan Booth/Brennan.
Table: In the Dark
Prompt: shooting stars (#5)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 300
Summary: Booth and Brennan see a shooting star and Brennan makes a wish.



Like most times after a case, Brennan found herself just hanging out with Booth. Most people she worked with, the relationship started and ended there, but not with Booth. Unlike the other times, though, they weren’t at the diner or Wong Foo’s, or any of their usual hideouts. No, instead they were on a blanket in a park field, looking at the sky.

It reminded Brennan of the case with the girl who loved the stars and would draw detailed pictures of the sky. It made Brennan’s heart hurt a bit, and she didn’t want to think about that. Especially with Booth around. Sometimes, she really hated his powers of observation. Brennan was about to start a long speech about the importance of the stars in the past when Booth spoke. “Make a wish,” he said with a grin, pointing to a shooting star. In the past, Brennan would have told him that stars didn’t grant wishes, but now she decided to humor him. It really showed how far she had come along since she started working with him.

Brennan bit her lip slightly, not really sure what to wish for. When she was younger, she would have wished for a place where she belonged, for closure about her parent’s disappearance, having her brother back, and having friends. Her father and brother were back now, she knew what happened to her mother and why her parents disappeared, she had several friends and people who cared about her, and she belonged in the lab and in the field with Booth. Actually, now that Brennan thought about it, she had everything she wanted. She finally made up her mind, for once not caring about how logical it was.

I hope that things stay the way they are.

She smiled at Booth, knowing that her life wouldn’t be the same without him.



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