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Alright, so I checked it out after I had multiple people tell me how amazing it was. I felt sort of meh about it. It was an improvement from previous episodes I've seen, so there's that.

A few of you know how much I always hate the episode music these days and that was no different here. It distracts me a lot and what was up with the electric guitar? Plus Brennan didn't look very old school Brennan like to me. Her necklaces weren't clunky enough. Also, the characterizations felt a I've always had issues with how they seem to make Brennan clueless about every single little thing.  I wouldn't think that Booth would like having some of his personal info, such as his back story with his father, being in the book. Maybe I'm wrong, but Booth doesn't seem like the type to advertise that.

About the case, it was nice seeing them working on the case and not being distracted by their own personal soap operas. The case wasn't as interesting to me as they used to be in seasons 1 and 2. Many people say that the show is about the characters and is not a procedural show and maybe that's true, but they used to make the cases really interesting and focus on the victims, and have the case and the victims affect the side stories about the main characters.

Still, it was nice having everyone interact again, especially with the Brennan/Angela scenes and ZACK/HODGINS! I was disappointed that they didn't have the fantastic bromance scenes because I've really missed those, but it was nice seeing them together. There even was a bit of a Booth/Angela scene by having Angela comment how hot he is to Brennan. I thought it was cute when Angela made the flip book thing about what happened during the girl's struggle and Caroline commented about how it was like a sadistic children's book.  Plus it was so nice having Booth do an interrogation scene without Sweets being there. Obviously they didn't know Sweets then and he was a teenager, but I always did feel like when Sweets went on the show, everyone's IQ points dropped to make room for his genius. Especially Booth and Brennan's.

However, I think the really tricky thing about having an episode that's a flashback episode is that you have to be careful not to
do things that would affect things in previous episodes but didn't. I think that Booth/Brennan having have kissed and almost hooked up would have come up sometime, same with Cam having have recommended Brennan/met Brennan. Maybe Brennan wouldn't have remembered because she's not much of a people person, but I'm sure Cam would have.

About the ending, I feel sort of conflicted. I never wanted Booth to make a move all because of Sweets, and it seemed out of character for him to give up so fast. Brennan's reaction was right, I felt. I didn't think she would fall into his arms, declare that she's passionately in love, and then they'd live happily ever after. She's not ready for a relationship with him, and honestly, I don't know if she ever will be.

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