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I can't really think of any, though I don't know too much about what's out right now. I'm probably going to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie with my mom because she likes RDJ, so there's that.
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Mostly new books, and my sister always gets me really cute clothes, so that too. I'm not too picky, I'm usually really happy with whatever I get.
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My family and I celebrate Hanukkah because we're Jewish. We light up the candles and say the prayer, though we don't do much else. We receive little presents, usually, but we don't do TOO much because it's actually not a major Jewish holiday. My mom makes latkes, but my dad doesn't because our strainer broke last time he tried. We used to have a bunch of little presents from my grandparents (they would go to this Jewish store and buy a bunch of little things and label them by night, so we usually got 2 or 3 presents a night. And they were things like a puzzle with a note they wrote on the back, etc) and we used to play dreidel with gelt, but we don't really anymore.

Christmas we don't really celebrate, although we do open up presents because some of our Christian relatives send them. Last year we went out for Chinese and went to see True Grit in theaters, so your typical "Jewish Christmas".
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I think one of my favorite things about writing is what a surprise it can be. I'll get a story idea that can be a little thing, maybe a thought or a feeling or a word or a sentence or even an entire scene, and you build the whole fic around that.

Feelings are my favorite because then you REALLY don't know how it's going to turn out, just the mood of the whole thing or something that the character feels.

I have pages and pages worth of sentences, words, feelings, scenes, things that got taken out of fics and stories that I want to use someday, story titles, names, and pictures. Little things are bolded or highlighted, or have little notes next to them.

Yeah, sometimes writing can be a real pain in the ass. But I look at those things and remember why I love it so much.
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+BSG: Well, I'm sure I had opinions, but all of that left my mind when I watched Downloaded. Holy shit! Six has a head!Baltar! Baltar has a head!six! It's love, you guys! How epic is that? I really hope that at some point, real!Gaius and real!six meet up. OK, they have, but real!six doesn't remember Baltar this time around.

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Bring your wallet back soon! Time for some Anya love, y'all.

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You know how sometimes when you write, the words just won't come out right?

That's what it's like for my Arthur/Morgana in the Inception universe story. I sat on it for about a week and a half, trying to play around with it, make it better and less random and have it make more sense.

I finally just posted it today. I figured I wasn't going to be able to do much else. Better luck next time, right? And hey, maybe I'm just being too hard on myself. That happens sometimes, when I write. 
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Pfffft. Like you even have to ask.


Preferably not the goof!Booth from last season though, kthnxbye.

I want the REAL Booth. Because he's sensitive, funny, serious, hot, and awesome.

*secretly uses Angel icon*

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Dana fucking Scully and Cordelia Chase.
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[ profile] amilyn linked me to this when I was complaining about some readers and how it no longer gives me pleasure to update a story that I wrote at age 11 or 12 in a fandom that I am no longer really involved in. Unfortunately, every time I announce I'm going to take a break, every time I announce that I am done with a story, every time it takes me ages to update, I get a lot of negative reviews and messages and such. Seriously, my writing, people. So yeah, this link makes me feel so much better.

My only problem now is how tempted I feel to respond with, "Sophie is NOT YOUR BITCH"

You know what? I think I am done with some of my stories. If I feel inspired to finish or update them, great. But I am done with forcing myself into updating, because it's just not happening. And my readers are just going to have to deal with that.

Hopefully this point of view lasts.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Basically a novel that combines awesome fantasy and magic and quests with real life problems like pollution and such.
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For those of you who are writing NaNoWriMo, or just writing something,  I suggest Write or Die at

it's a great way to get a lot done. And I need all the help I can get. I have 400 words for 3 hours of work, but I've been working on a lot of plot ideas and such. So I have a lot for future writing, and hey, the day is still young. I know the NaNo site must be getting A LOT of traffic right now, but I wish it was working.
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 It has now been about a year and a few months since I mostly fell out of the Harry Potter fandom. Most of my participation now is because of all the great people I've met through Harry Potter that I still talk to and because I still have quite a few WIPS (and by quite a few, I mean about 13). Because of my lack of interest, it has been rather hard for me to write lately. My friend was like, "well, why don't you just abandon them?" But I can't do that. I'd feel bad for the people who read it and I hate leaving so many things unfinished. Therefor I have decided to do operation force-myself-back-in-the-fandom. At least temporarily, enough to get some writing done! So any essays, stories, graphics, or fond memories or favorite scenes you have to share from Harry Potter would be much appreciated. Preferably Harry/Hermione based, though any are nice.

Also, do you remember your first time being a part of a fandom? Not just Harry Potter, any fandom. I know I was very...confused at all the terms when I started out. "OBHWF? OTP? SHIP? What the hell is this shit?" and a lot of what I learned was through experimenting. Which wasn't always the nicest for my 11 year old self when it came to things like PWP (porn without plot) I've been thinking of making a fandom dictionary. What do you think of that? I might need some help though from you guys. I know a lot of terms, but I'm not completely fluent in fannish. 

Sorry for the spammage today, by the way. *posts way too much* 
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 Why must you hate me so, writing?

When I have the muse, I have no time and energy. When I have time and energy, I have no muse!

*stares at all her WIPS and weeps* 
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Booth/Brennan from Bones
Mulder/Scully from the X-Files
Angel/Cordelia from Angel (actually, this is currently my OTP *needs more A/C icons*) 

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[Error: unknown template qotd] First off, *fannish squee at this being chosen for today's writer's block*

Hmm, favorite episode. Wow, that's kind of hard. Umm, it would probably have to be season 6's Triangle, though several others are close behind. The history buff in me loves it, especially since it takes place near WW11, I liked the music, the acting, the kiss, the drugged "I love you, Scully" and the "Oh brother" response, the switching of the time periods, and especially Gillian's scenes. God do I love Scully *huggles* But this was really hard to choose. There are so many awesome episodes out there! Speaking of, one of these days I need to have another one of my X-Files marathons. Haven't had one for a while now that I'm done with all the DVDs that my step mom has (first 6 seasons) Maybe whenever I get season 8, which is what I'm on at the moment.

As for paranormal, actually yes I have. I've had a few occurrences with ghosts (my grandparents' house is haunted, because it is 300 years old and the man who built it, Mr. Potter, died in it. And we have a ghost dog at our house, and then a few other things have happened) Also, this was kind of freaky, 3 years ago my cat, Maya, ran away. We had posters all over the place for her, an ad in the newspaper, the usual. So one night I have this dream where I go to my elementary school and find her, but she is taken away from me because I can only see her like an hour every week or something silly like that. The next day we get a call from a kid who saw her at an elementary school (though it wasn't mine). We couldn't find her though. So basically the dream was scarily accurate.


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