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His accent and flashback hair and pornstache are fail and just make it better. But he's so evil and fun and amazing. DB must have had fun playing him!

Poll time!

Dec. 6th, 2009 09:09 am
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[Poll #1495322]I was told that bb means best bud, so when I use it, that's what I mean. But I have a friend who hates it when I call her bb because she thinks it means baby.

So what does bb mean to you?
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On Friday I went over to my friend's house and her family ordered pizza for dinner. On Saturday I didn't eat breakfast, and had Mac and Cheese and ice-cream for lunch and then Dad took us out for pizza at dinner. On Sunday I didn't eat breakfast and had canned soup for lunch and In 'N Out (a fast food chain popular in California) for dinner. Today I'll have muffins for breakfast and a bean and cheese burrito for lunch.

I go.
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Sorry for the spam, but I just realized this is my 3rd LJ birthday! I created it, posted a really angsty entry, and then proceeded to forget about this LJ for about a year and a half. But then I started stalking finding the LJs of authors I liked and eventually started posting again every once in a while, and then several times a month! After about 4 months of being active, I decided I had to have a paid account because I'm a crazy icon collector and 15 icons was way too little for me.  Now I go crazy if I don't visit LJ at least once a day! 
Thanks y'all for making my experience so wonderful. 

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I've been reading Great Expectations for class, and I totally keep picturing Miss Havisham as Drucilla, especially when Drucilla wore that white dress season 2.

Pip has been really irritating me so far, which makes it hard because I have to read 10 chapters by Monday. Gah.

I'm really bored. Anyone have anything to amuse me? Fic, funny stories, jokes, story prompts, whatever. I don't care. I would watch Bones season 1 or Angel season 2, but Mom keeps coming in and dissing both, which isn't making watching it very fun.


Nov. 28th, 2008 07:20 am
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After three years of CONSTANT BATTLING with my muse, I seem to have finally won! Seriously. I've been writing like crazy these past few days. So far I've turned out 5 drabbles and one long chapter, but I should be getting more soon.

You have no idea how happy this makes me. Maybe now my...ridiculously long to-write list will shorten a bit. Today and this weekend I plan to get more writing soon.

But I have found I really enjoy writing drabbles! This surprises me since I thought I would hate it/be bad at it, but it's fun. Actually, yesterday when I was writing my longer story, I found myself kind of wishing it was a drabble so it would be done faster. :P

Anyway, hello new friends of mine! *waves* And I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good, actually. My sister came down from college and Mom invited a friend from work over. I also had a great birthday last week, and I wanted to thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. My Dad and stepmom and Mom got me an 80 GB iPod classic! It's pretty sweet.

One last thing before I stop boring you all: I will probably be writing the cards soon, so if you want a Christmas card, comment here:

or email me at


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