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I just did a friends cut (and am still doing it a bit). If you haven't updated in forever, or we never talk, or I feel like we've never connected, then you've most likely been cut. If you can still see this entry then you're still here.

If you would like me to add you again or you think I've made a mistake, please comment here.

Everyone else, I wish you the best!
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I just made a friends cut. I cut people who I haven't interacted with in a while or who aren't on LJ anymore. If you can see this you're still on.

If you would like to be added back or if you think I made a mistake, feel free to say so.

Friends Cut

Feb. 6th, 2011 08:46 pm
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I just did a friends cut.

I have a very large flist, so if I cut you, it means that we never interact much.

If you can't see this that means you've been cut.

If you think that I have unfairly cut you, or you'd like to stay please comment.
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Friends Cut!
OK, let me explain how this will work. It's not really a friends cut, and most of you don't even have to worry. This isn't going to cut new friends, either. I'm cutting the journals I've been friends with for a while but never communicate with or even know too well.

If you think I've made a mistake or you're worried!
Feel free to comment here and let me know that you want to stay :)
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Friends Cut!

Unfortunately I'm going to have to cut a few people soon. I hate doing friend cuts, but my friends list is getting huge and many of you I never have any contact with. If you want to stay and think you might get cut, comment here. If I've cut you and you want to stay, comment here. If we  talk to each other (even if it's outside of LJ) then you don't need to worry.

It's nothing personal. It's one of those "it's not you, it's me" things.


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