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[ profile] ana_jo  asked me for my Top 5 nerdy glasses.

Nerdy glasses:
nerdy glasses )
I was gonna include more in this entry but this actually kinda wore me out LOL
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At least one of them is from tumblr but I don't really use mine because my heart belongs to LJ.

You're now a time lord. The 41st gif in your folder is your companion. The 17th gif is your arch enemy. Post your results in a comment/your lj/your tumblr/wherever!

My companion:

My arch enemy: Photobucket

Damn, I must be one violent timelord.

The 2nd to last GIF in your folder is who you will marry. The GIF that is your age # will be your reaction to his/her proposal. And your 25th GIF is how you greet him/her the morning after you’ve married.

The person I'll marry: Photobucket

My reaction: Photobucket

Morning after: Photobucket


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Am doing this first, will do the shipping meme after!
Day One: Favorite lead female character

Dana Fucking Scully
I love this woman. Her bitchfaces of win, her awesomeness with a gun, her hair/glasses/phone/computer lulziness throughout the seasons, her internal debate between religion and what she sees every day. This woman is flawless!
rest of the days under the cut )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Booth/Brennan from Bones
Mulder/Scully from the X-Files
Angel/Cordelia from Angel (actually, this is currently my OTP *needs more A/C icons*) 

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Just when you think names for stories couldn't get any worse, you get Ethelfridge.


And to top it off it's in a karaoke fic.

Summary: I and my friend go to Hogwarts and hold a Karaoke contest! Special apperances!

“Caramac, you’re freaking me out.” Amy said, feigning fear, “Stop it!” she finally yelled.

“What if we use this little gadget to go to a little ol’ castle.” She dipped in her pocket and revealed a long, pointed stick.

“ I’m surrounded by invociles, we are going to go to Hogwarts!”.

“Ohhhhh. Right! Why?”

Carmel’s smile widened, “You do have the karaoke machine, right?”

Last time I checked, the word was 'imbeciles'. And surrounded? One person does not a crowd make.

And anyway, her friend seems to be taking this idea rather well. Personally, if someone pulled out a pointy stick and said (in all seriousness and not playing Hogwarts (or Sailor Moon or whatever else) like I used to do with my friends) that we were going to Hogwarts, I'd have to assume they were,
A) Insane,
B) Insane,
C) Insane, or
D) All of the above.

“Brilliant! A chance for I, Draco Ethelfridge Malfoy, to become the famous star he is predicted to become!”

Have I mentioned Ethelfridge yet? 

Also, apparently Scully is a sex kitty, because she "mewed" at Mulder after she kissed him in this one story.

If my sporkage posts start to annoy you, let me know and I will try to contain it.

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[Error: unknown template qotd] First off, *fannish squee at this being chosen for today's writer's block*

Hmm, favorite episode. Wow, that's kind of hard. Umm, it would probably have to be season 6's Triangle, though several others are close behind. The history buff in me loves it, especially since it takes place near WW11, I liked the music, the acting, the kiss, the drugged "I love you, Scully" and the "Oh brother" response, the switching of the time periods, and especially Gillian's scenes. God do I love Scully *huggles* But this was really hard to choose. There are so many awesome episodes out there! Speaking of, one of these days I need to have another one of my X-Files marathons. Haven't had one for a while now that I'm done with all the DVDs that my step mom has (first 6 seasons) Maybe whenever I get season 8, which is what I'm on at the moment.

As for paranormal, actually yes I have. I've had a few occurrences with ghosts (my grandparents' house is haunted, because it is 300 years old and the man who built it, Mr. Potter, died in it. And we have a ghost dog at our house, and then a few other things have happened) Also, this was kind of freaky, 3 years ago my cat, Maya, ran away. We had posters all over the place for her, an ad in the newspaper, the usual. So one night I have this dream where I go to my elementary school and find her, but she is taken away from me because I can only see her like an hour every week or something silly like that. The next day we get a call from a kid who saw her at an elementary school (though it wasn't mine). We couldn't find her though. So basically the dream was scarily accurate.
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I just got back from the X-Files movie. I had to go to the subtitled version for people hard of hearing because alas, the only 2 other showings were at 5 and 7. So I went, and I didn't mind because usually when I watch movies at home I put them on subtitles anyway. BUT WOW! I liked it. And (for those of you who have seen it know what I'm talking about) for once there was good light and not in the dark so you could actually see it! YAY!

I was also the only person under 20 in the theater. The next youngest was a couple that looked to be about 25 or so, and the rest were 30 or older. The oldest looked to be about 80. But I really don't know many people my age who are fans. But I've been watching the show since I was five. Blame my step-mom for having it and my sister for watching it. Mulder/Scully was my first ship.

Anyway, I don't want to give away any spoilers. But yeah, I left the theater content.
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Now I'm depressed.  I love being here and everything, but WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO HAPPEN IN LA/CALIFORNIA WHILE I AM GONE????????????

Let's make a list:
1. The Bones Panel
2. Joss Whedon plus the clip from Dr Horrible at the same panel as above
3. The X-Files
4. The Dark Knight
5. Mama Mia! (though the above 3 are more United States in general)
6. Mama Mia! Musical which was sold out the days we were there and the rest is while we're here.

There's more but I'm too sad to think of them.

Someone hates me, that's all I'm saying.


Jul. 16th, 2008 11:15 pm
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Stolen from [personal profile] xlivvielockex

List ten fictional characters you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same.
1. Angel (BtVS/AtS)
2. Booth (Bones)
3. Spike (BtVS/AtS)
4. Mal (Firefly)
5. Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice either the book or the A&E version)
6. Hodgins (Bones)
7. Westley (AtS)
8. Mulder (The X-Files)
9. House (House)
10. Dr. Cox because he makes me laugh so hard even though he isn't that great looking (Scrubs)

Uh, for tagging: [personal profile] hmsharmony [personal profile] lerdo [personal profile] tuacantante [profile] amyrat151

And anyone else on my list who wants to do it. Spread the sexyness, people!

And on a related meme, 10 television characters (and I'm doing 5 males and 5 females) that you are thankful for.
2. Cordelia Chase from Buffy/Angel
3.  Buffy Summers from Buffy
4. Tara from Buffy
5. Dana Scully from The X-Files
6. Seeley Booth from Bones
7. Fox Mulder from the X-Files
8. Dr. Cox from Scrubs
9.  Spike from Buffy/Angel
10. Angel from Buffy/Angel

Is it sad that the entire male portion of this list are also on the above list?
 Edit: Also, I added darling_pips to my tagged people list but for some odd reason it didn't add here. So yeah, I'm not an idiot. I really did tag 5 not 4. 


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