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Day Six: Favorite female-driven show

Legend of the Seeker
It was hard to think of a show for this, because I don't know too many female oriented shows. Maybe Rizzoli & Isles, but I don't want to call it my favorite until I'm caught up (though I was very impressed with the first season). Legend of the Seeker might have had a male main character, but it was a very female friendly show. Kahlan, Cara, Nicci, Denna, Shota and others were all part of the show. and were important in their own ways. Cara and Kahlan had a lot of development and I just loved them both so much, and Richard couldn't have gone far without them. Plus the show had some awesome girl/girl friendships and romances.

Day Seven: A female character that needs more screen time

Lady Edith Crawley
spoilers for series 2 of Downton Abbey )

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At least one of them is from tumblr but I don't really use mine because my heart belongs to LJ.

You're now a time lord. The 41st gif in your folder is your companion. The 17th gif is your arch enemy. Post your results in a comment/your lj/your tumblr/wherever!

My companion:

My arch enemy: Photobucket

Damn, I must be one violent timelord.

The 2nd to last GIF in your folder is who you will marry. The GIF that is your age # will be your reaction to his/her proposal. And your 25th GIF is how you greet him/her the morning after you’ve married.

The person I'll marry: Photobucket

My reaction: Photobucket

Morning after: Photobucket




Feb. 7th, 2011 03:34 pm
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Guess who just bought both seasons of Legend of the Seeker?


Damn, I really wish this show was still on. Why did it have to get canceled? Especially since season 2 was so amazing and had CARA AND CARA/KAHLAN SUBTEXT.

New layout!

Feb. 4th, 2011 02:01 pm
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[ profile] ladysophiekitty [ profile] ladysophiekitty [ profile] ladysophiekitty 

New layout! Love my old one, but I thought I'd do something for the Seeker rewatch!

What do you think?
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Yeah, that's right! If you want to join in, it's at [ profile] sword_of_lies It starts this weekend with 1x01, Prophecy!

Which one?

Dec. 13th, 2010 06:37 pm
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Day Six: Favorite female-driven show

Back to doing this now! It was hard to think of one, but in the end I have to say Legend of the Seeker because while there are male characters, Denna and Cara and Kahlan and Nicci, etc, are all important and it's a show that definitely does feel more feminine. Plus, I love it, and the show has awesome girl/girl relationships/romances.

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Why did this show end? It's fucking amazing, and I finally finished watching it and MY LIFE! I miss it already. It's like I'm so happy with the show and the last ep and so sad at the same time, so I'm not sure how I feel.

Seriously. The last two minutes I was actually crying and I don't cry for this kind of thing usually.  I'm gonna miss the characters and the epicness and the beautiful scenery and the cleavage and the dresses!

I love you, Legend of the Seeker. I wish you could come back! 


Oct. 6th, 2010 06:06 pm
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I posted 30 Merlin icons and 2 Legend of the Seeker headers here

I posted 7 Morgana headers here

I'm new to graphic making, so any comments would be much appreciated!


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