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I'm in the mood to read some fics but haven't had much luck searching these past few days. So I'm looking for your favorites for any of these 3 ships:
1. Doctor/Rose-9/Rose and 10/Rose preferred, but I guess I could read 11/Rose too if there's one out there you really like. Oh yeah, and Cloen is fine too.

2. Harry/Hermione-been in a mood for this lately. I've mostly been finding one-shots which have been good, but I'm in the mood for something a bit longer.

3. Angel/Cordelia-OLD SHIP BUT I LOVE THEM AND MISS THEM SO MUCH! And I feel like I haven't been giving them much attention lately.

Much appreciated! Oh, and for Doctor/Rose, if it's at Teaspoon that's fine, but if they also have the story at or LJ I would prefer that link as the site background distracts me and I usually have to copy/paste the story in a word document.
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A trio war/post war fanmix using the [ profile] potter_land prompt "Life"

here at my creative community
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• Reply with "Fuck yes fierce ladies (and awesome dudes, too)" and I'll give you four fandoms.
• Write about your favorite character from each fandom.

[ profile] fauxkaren gave me Doctor Who, Angel, Harry Potter, and Merlin. The quotes used were done from memory, so sorry if they're not completely accurate. And this was done entirely with HTML, so hopefully everything is posted OK (especially the cut!)
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not really a spoiler if you've read the book, but cut anyway )

If I were to order the movies in order of my favorites: DH part 1, DH part 2, Prisoner of Azkaban, Chamber of Secrets, Sorcerer's Stone, Half-Blood Prince, Order of the Phoenix.

Compared to the books: 3 and 4 are tied as my favorites, 2, 5, 1, 6, 7

One of these days I'll get a Luna icon, maybe even a Neville icon. Also, I forgot how much I love this icon since I stopped having it as my default, but it's gotten a lot of use these past few days. I have 8 Harry/Hermione icons and 14 HP icons and yet this is the one I always use.
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[Poll #1761526]I bought 5 books on my kindle today! A Song of Fire and Ice books 1-4 boxed set for $30 and The Hunger Games for $5. SO EXCITED! I read the first 2 books of the Sookie Stackhouse books. I feel kind of meh about them? I mean, Sookie gets beaten up a bit too much and I always feel awkward reading sex scenes, and some of the stuff is kind of weird. But I have the first 12 books on my kindle so I'll probably keep reading. I love how it took me a really long time to reach my reading goal of 85 last month and in just 13 days I'm TWO books away from my monthly goal of 100. Less computer time really does wonders for my reading.
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[ profile] potter_land //[ profile] potter_land //[ profile] potter_land

A Land comm for all things Harry Potter. Apply here to join one of the four house teams and participate in challenges.

Please join! I'm the team leader of [ profile] team_helga and would love to have more people on my flist over there!
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+ First of all, anyone who loves Harry Potter should go join [ profile] hogwartsishome  ! It's an awesome land comm and I get 5 points for each person I refer! Shiny!

+ HOGSMEADE THIS WEEKEND! I've been kinda lame about the last 2 ones because last time I was out of the country and the time before that, I think I wasn't in the mood or something.

But I'm excited about this one and at first I thought it wasn't gonna happen since I was supposed to leave the country next week, but since it doesn't look like that's happening, I'm free! 

Fellow HiHers, if you want a gift tag, leave a comment here! Wth your name and house, please!

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So. I wrote fic. Harry/Hermione, kind of angsty and different from anything I've written.

here at athena's garden
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1) A book a month starting Feburary 1st (today!)

2) A weekly discussion post, every Sunday night, alternately hosted by myself and [ profile] sunny_serenity . We will post the links to the others LJ to make it easy for our respective flists. The first discussion will be posted on herjournal!

3) General discussion will be all things Potter. WARNING: This may be a very pro-H/Hr because that's who we are. Do not feel like you cannot participate because of this. We want as many people to enjoy/share this. There's a reason it's called 'discussion'. Bring your opinions and views.

4) We will probably NOT be reading books 6 & 7 (see previous). As an alternative there may be an epic fanfic read/re-read. Any suggestions are welcome.

5) Be nice or leave. There will be no flaming or bashing of characters or ship. Criticism is OK, but please use your words wisely. This fandom's history has been steeped in enough wank.
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I gave some of you guys conflicting information.

The book 1 reread ends on February 28th! The first discussion will take place at sunny_serenity 's LJ, and I will post the link when it gets posted.
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[ profile] sunny_serenity and I are doing a Potter reread, and would love for you to join us. Knowing us, it will be very Harry/Hermione oriented, with the possibility of reading AU fics for sixth and seventh year.

How does it work? Well, what will happen is that you have one month to read each book, with a weekly discussion post for thoughts, check ins, fic recs (or, if you get inspired for fic while we're doing it), and links to any entries you might make about it.

So, who's in?
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Most of my flist ships Harry/Hermione, but there are a few of you who ship Ron/Hermione, or don't mind them.

Lately I've been thinking about it, and thinking about book!Ron/Hermione versus movie!Ron/Hermione.

spoilers for the books and the movies, including DH )

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I think I'm getting pulled back into the Harry Potter fandom. It's a mixture of the new movie, the HHR fandom being active again, and my complete love for this ship.

I can't stop listening to O Children.

What has this movie done to me? 
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I had a really nice time yesterday. Well, in the morning I had to do a bunch of schoolwork which wasn't so nice, but in the afternoon my friend's mom picked me up, and my friend's brother was in the car. She took us to In 'N Out (a burger joint) and we got the food to go. Then we went by her house to pick up my friend's little sister (who made me a birthday card that was adorable and so cute!) and my friend's mom gave me my birthday present, the book Ever by Gail Carson Levine. Well, my friend wasn't feeling well so she didn't end up coming with us. The mom said "Oh, by the way, you don't need to pay me back for the ticket. It's your birthday!" and afterwards she made me a delicious smoothie, so it was all really nice.

OK, so the movie. I know a few people were curious what I'd think since I loathed the book, and I'd be happy to tell you, but first let me say something about me. I AM a shipper, but I don't let that define who I am in fandom. Meaning that while I'll be like, "Oh yay! Something for my ship happened" it's not the source of all of my opinions and not what I talk about. My ship can be lovely and amazing and I can still dislike a movie/show/book whatever. Or, my ship could have not had anything happen for them and I'll love the etc.

I can count on one hand the amount of times I've gone on, what I am going to call, a shipper's high. This means I've lost all coherent thoughts about the thing and I have no opinion at all about other stuff because it's all "OMG MY SHIP AAHHHHH"

incoherent shipper ramblings because I LOVE THESE KIDS )
actualy somewhat coherant thoughts )
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Day Four: A female character you relate to

Hermione Granger
I was thinking about what my answer would be while falling asleep (yes, I am a geek) and the way I interpreted this was the character I'm the most like. It was something I struggled a bit with seeing as how I'm not really like most of the female characters I can think of. The closest I got to that was Hermione. We're both big bookworms who got too caught up in rules and were a goody two shoes before we calmed down and relaxed a little bit. And yeah, we struggled a bit with making friends, but once we did, well, that was that. At times we are both a bit too concerned about being right, which leads to often being overeager in class.

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