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I started this last December (has it really been that long?) and never finished, so let's try again. Some answers might be the same, some might be different.

Day One: Favorite lead female character

Olivia Dunham
I love this woman so much! She's just so strong and fierce, but in a sort of quiet way. She can kick your butt and have awesome escape scenes, but there's also a warmth and gentleness to her, especially when she's with children. She's determined and cares deeply for the people she loves, as shown in the pilot where she worked extremely hard to find a cure for the man she cared for deeply. Olivia doesn't laugh or smile as much as the Olivia in the other universe, but when she does it's amazing and her whole face lights up.

Another thing I love about her is the fact that she's a protector. Olivia had a very hard childhood, but she tried to protect her sister from that as much as she could, and she used the anger and fear she felt as a child to become an FBI agent to help others. Anna Torv does an amazing job playing her, too.

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[ profile] ana_jo  asked me for my Top 5 nerdy glasses.

Nerdy glasses:
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I was gonna include more in this entry but this actually kinda wore me out LOL
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Seriously.  I have room for 185 icons and somehow I'm always like, "Boo, not enough!" and I go on these icon hunts where I'll add 100 icons to my photobucket in one sitting! And I'm always like, "Nooo, what icons to get rid of on my LJ. I know I never use you but what if I really want to sometime and you're not there? What if I suddenly have this perfect opportunity?"

But yay for new shinies! Lots of Donna and Rose and Doctor/Rose and Doctor/Donna with some Olivia from Fringe thrown in for good measure.

Rose has such a beautiful smile.

Icon help

May. 1st, 2011 09:43 am
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I'm looking for a few icons. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out?

Fringe: an icon of Olivia in the season 2 episode where Walter was telling Ella a story, and from the season 3 episode where she dresses up in that black dress with the red lipstick (UNF)

Doctor Who: Amy with sunflowers from Vincent and the Doctor. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers (because they're so happy and bright and I always smile when I see them and it brings happy memories of very early childhood)

ALSO I FINALLY GOT SOME 11 ERA ICONS. WOOT WOOT. Though I kind of hate getting new icons because I have to go through my old ones and figure out which ones to get rid of, and it's so hard.
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Day Ten: Favorite female character in a scifi/supernatural show

I said Cordelia last time, so, Olivia Dunham! I love her. I think the thing is with her is that  (like Tara, who I also love) she's a more quiet and subtle character, so a lot of people tend to think she's boring. But she's smart and fierce and loyal and loving. Awesome!

Day Eleven: Favorite female character in a children’s show

I don't watch many children's shows these days, but supposedly Merlin is one, so I'm gonna say Morgana again.

Day Twelve: Favorite female character in a movie

Mal Cobb! She was so hot and sexy and French and evil. Probably not my real answer but I don't watch many movies and she's the first that came to mind.

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