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I'm in the mood to read some fics but haven't had much luck searching these past few days. So I'm looking for your favorites for any of these 3 ships:
1. Doctor/Rose-9/Rose and 10/Rose preferred, but I guess I could read 11/Rose too if there's one out there you really like. Oh yeah, and Cloen is fine too.

2. Harry/Hermione-been in a mood for this lately. I've mostly been finding one-shots which have been good, but I'm in the mood for something a bit longer.

3. Angel/Cordelia-OLD SHIP BUT I LOVE THEM AND MISS THEM SO MUCH! And I feel like I haven't been giving them much attention lately.

Much appreciated! Oh, and for Doctor/Rose, if it's at Teaspoon that's fine, but if they also have the story at or LJ I would prefer that link as the site background distracts me and I usually have to copy/paste the story in a word document.

New layout!

Nov. 4th, 2011 08:25 pm
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I loved my old one and would have kept it longer, but since the layout change I've been suffering a lot. The font was just SO HARD to read and your usernames and communities basically looked like this:

AKA IMPOSSIBLE TO READ! So a few of you helped me pick out a header, layout, new icon and FO banner (since the old ones didn't match) and thank you to everyone who did! Turned out very Doctor/Rose, not that I'm complaining. AND YAY I CAN ACTUALLY READ THINGS.

What do you think?
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Day Two: Favorite supporting female character

Rose Tyler
Rose was an amazing character: she had great chemistry with both the leads and I shipped them, I could relate to her, she was a well developed character with flaws and strongpoints, and man she could pull at your heartstrings. When she cries, I want to cry (and, like with Doomsday, I do)  when Rose laughs, I want to laugh.

Rose also had an amazing determination and loyalty. She wasn't always the nicest to the people close to her (Jackie and Mickey come to mind) but it wasn't usually intentional and mostly due to her total restlessness in her life. But she cared so much and stuck up for what she thought was right. She went after Nine even after he made her go home, she tried to save the Earth when the Doctor was still recovering. She knew who to go after when people's faces were getting sucked, she knew what the Doctor was trying to say at the space station and got everyone rounded up to play on their strengths, she didn't want to abandon the Doctor because she believed in him, and she figured out who the devil was on the rocket.

On top of that, when she was trapped in the other universe, she never gave up on seeing the Doctor again. Rose built a dimension canon and saved everyone from the parallel world in Turn Left (and she did all this without ever telling anyone her name!).

Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth

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I miss David Tennant as Ten.
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• Reply with "Fuck yes fierce ladies (and awesome dudes, too)" and I'll give you four fandoms.
• Write about your favorite character from each fandom.

[ profile] fauxkaren gave me Doctor Who, Angel, Harry Potter, and Merlin. The quotes used were done from memory, so sorry if they're not completely accurate. And this was done entirely with HTML, so hopefully everything is posted OK (especially the cut!)
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[ profile] ana_jo  asked me for my Top 5 nerdy glasses.

Nerdy glasses:
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I was gonna include more in this entry but this actually kinda wore me out LOL

New layout!

Jun. 7th, 2011 03:53 pm
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Love the old one but I've been stressed and that means NEW LAYOUT TIME! And of course it goes along with my Doctor/Rose obsession.

What do you think?
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Seriously.  I have room for 185 icons and somehow I'm always like, "Boo, not enough!" and I go on these icon hunts where I'll add 100 icons to my photobucket in one sitting! And I'm always like, "Nooo, what icons to get rid of on my LJ. I know I never use you but what if I really want to sometime and you're not there? What if I suddenly have this perfect opportunity?"

But yay for new shinies! Lots of Donna and Rose and Doctor/Rose and Doctor/Donna with some Olivia from Fringe thrown in for good measure.

Rose has such a beautiful smile.
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At least one of them is from tumblr but I don't really use mine because my heart belongs to LJ.

You're now a time lord. The 41st gif in your folder is your companion. The 17th gif is your arch enemy. Post your results in a comment/your lj/your tumblr/wherever!

My companion:

My arch enemy: Photobucket

Damn, I must be one violent timelord.

The 2nd to last GIF in your folder is who you will marry. The GIF that is your age # will be your reaction to his/her proposal. And your 25th GIF is how you greet him/her the morning after you’ve married.

The person I'll marry: Photobucket

My reaction: Photobucket

Morning after: Photobucket


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GO WATCH THAT DOCTOR/ROSE VIDEO! [ profile] ana_jo  made it and it is brilliant.


May. 4th, 2011 04:48 pm
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You know how a few days ago I wanted an icon of Amy with sunflowers?

Well, the AMAZING [ profile] ana_jo  made me one. Isn't it lovely?

Icon help

May. 1st, 2011 09:43 am
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I'm looking for a few icons. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out?

Fringe: an icon of Olivia in the season 2 episode where Walter was telling Ella a story, and from the season 3 episode where she dresses up in that black dress with the red lipstick (UNF)

Doctor Who: Amy with sunflowers from Vincent and the Doctor. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers (because they're so happy and bright and I always smile when I see them and it brings happy memories of very early childhood)

ALSO I FINALLY GOT SOME 11 ERA ICONS. WOOT WOOT. Though I kind of hate getting new icons because I have to go through my old ones and figure out which ones to get rid of, and it's so hard.

New layout!

Mar. 4th, 2011 06:28 pm
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The wonderful and talented [ profile] ana_jo  made me a Doctor/Rose header, and was nice enough to change the size/details several times as I went through my hard search for a background! Thanks for putting up with me, bb!

What do you think?

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This whole post is basically inspired by [ profile] goldy_dollar 

GO VOTE TEN AT FANDOM MARCH MADNESS! A vote for him is like voting for Rose, Donna, and Martha all rolled into one person.


That is all.

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You are Rose Tyler
You are Rose Tyler
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.


You are a street smart, modern person. You have a hip fashion sense. You are likeable but can be a total twat to those who are closest to you. You want to live your life your own way and not be told what to do, even if it means leaving behind those you love. You are adventurous and can hold your own in a fight. You feel uncomfortable with weapons, but will use them if necessary. You will end up being sucked into another demension to live out your days, far away from the one you truly love.


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