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You know the thing I miss the most about Bones?

The Zack/Hodgins friendship. IT WAS AMAZING AND EPIC AND AWESOME! This BB fic I started ages ago and never finished, has an entire (unposted) chapter dedicated to them. I recently refound it and :( :(

I think that was the thing that got me the most down about the season 3 finale. No more king of the lab, little competitions, CRAZY EXPERIMENTS, etc.
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This one's been a long time coming.

I got this question once. "Sophie, why do you like Castle when you can't stand Bones these days? I mean, they're a lot alike now."

Here's the thing. Bones started out as a show that was about ALL the characters, meaning that though Booth and Brennan were the main characters, you still got a lot of screen time and development and all that yummy stuff involved. The cases often reflected character development going on. In Boy in the Bush, you learn about Brennan being in the foster care system because it pertains to the case. She has this amazing scene where she, this woman who has a hard time connecting to people, gets this boy, and this boy gets her. You learn about Angela having a hard time staying in one place, and how much the body of this little kid bothers her, and how she feels like she's drawing death masks for people because of her job. There was some light hearted humor, but that wasn't the point of the show, nor was Booth/Brennan's relationship. 

Castle, on the other hand, started out as quite a different show. It's a comedy featuring the two main characters in the cast. Sure, Ryan and Esposito and Castle's family play a part in the show, but in the end it's mostly about Castle and Beckett. The cases are portrayed as light hearted, and while they do work on solving the cases, it's not a major point of the show. Still, Castle does show moments of seriousness. In one of the episodes, a pregnant woman is suicidal and cutting herself with a knife. Instead of having Castle go in there (even though that's not the kind of thing he'd be suited for) or they could have portrayed it as this funny thing, Castle stands back and let the person who CAN deal with that do it.Beckett goes in there and acts like a professional and talks to the woman, eventually getting her to stop harming herself.

The fact is that Bones changed. Suddenly, in a big way. Booth and Brennan, and their romance, was the big focus of the show with not much time spent on individual characters. The cases all of the sudden became about the humor, the show became about the humor, and instead of having the cases having to do anything with what's actually happening in their lives, it became completely separate. The mood felt completely different. Maybe I could have enjoyed this show, it's possible (though doubtful). But really, I was focusing on thinking, "Wait, where did all of this come from? What happened? Is this a different show? Are these even the same characters?"

THAT'S where I start getting bothered. No explanation for it, nothing.

You can't do that in a show. You can't just say, "hey! I'm getting bored of this. Let's start all over again" and still have it count as the same show. This bothered me in Merlin, too, where they pretend that the first few episodes of season 1 (or hey, even ANY of season 1) happened and that season 2 was just a replay button. The fact is that it did happen.You want to hit the replay button? Here's a scenario that didn't bother me. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon made the movie and then decided he didn't like the way he did it. He didn't create "Buffy the Movie  2 Sequel to Movie 1 but completely different". No, he made a TV show that he set up as completely different. That's why I can watch the movie and then watch the show without saying, "What happened?" because he portrayed them as separate, so that's how I view them.


May. 29th, 2010 02:52 pm
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Right now, I have just completed my Bones ficlet table written for [ profile] drabble123  It's been a 2 year project, and it's so weird to have it done!

I did write the last two, however, with a bad cold so I'm not sure how good they are. But OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M DONE! I'm so happy. I haven't finished a multi-part story in years!


You can find it, of course, at [ profile] athenas_garden my fic and fanmix community :)
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Title: Fruit Salad
Author: [ profile] ladysophiekitty 
Fandom: Bones
Characters/Pairing: Booth, Brennan Booth/Brennan.
Table: In the Dark
Prompt: #12, Electricity
Rating: PG
Warnings: slight spoilers for season 4
Word Count: 300
Summary: This is for [ profile] dontgetanyolder who gave me the prompt Brennan catches Booth singing. After the last ficlet for this series, here's something light! Thanks to [ profile] vamp926  and [ profile] christinaof94  for the help
Notes: The song is Fruit Salad by the Wiggles.

In the Dark #13
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I'm weeks behind but I decided to watch The Proof in the Pudding anyway because I'd heard good things about it.

spoilers for latest Bones ep )


Jan. 16th, 2010 04:40 pm
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I've been thinking about the whole gotcha thing today. Gotcha, like when a movie or a show or a book does something that you weren't expecting at all, or maybe that you'd been suspecting.

Sometimes, a gotcha can be really great. But sometimes it just makes me feel angry and cheated. Gotcha, Zack is Gormagon's apprentice. Gotcha, Cordelia got possessed by an evil demon and is now in a coma. Spoiler for two most recent Dollhouse eps ) Gotcha, characters you like are written off the show.

But Adelle is a HBIC and I fucking love her. *needs an Adelle and a Topher icon*
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2009 was actually a pretty productive year for me, more productive than some previous years. End of the year round up )12


Dec. 8th, 2009 05:36 pm
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I've been sick with a cold since Friday (and stayed home from school yesterday and today) so I've been watching a lot of TV.

Dollhouse (spoilers for Friday's episodes) )

Bones (spoilers for the latest 5 episodes) )

Merlin )
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I'm going to go back to my old Faith layout soon, but I felt like having a holiday layout up. Thanks to [ profile] christinaof94 for the beautiful header and friends only banner!

[ profile] ladysophiekitty [ profile] ladysophiekitty
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Submit prompts, write stories, beta, make graphics, or any combination for the holiday Halloween!
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 Would someone mind being a beta for my new Bones fic? I'm planning for it to be around seven chapters long, and I'm entering it for this month's [profile] ficfinishing  so hopefully I'll have new chapters out pretty fast.

I'm looking for someone who has the time to read faster updates, who doesn't mind Booth and Brennan having a kid (I'm not usually the biggest fan myself, hahaha), and who doesn't mind occasionally giving me ideas. 

Any takers? 

Never mind! Found one. 
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So I was watching Bones season 1 this morning which had me craving for some good BB fics. Usually I stalk the favorites page of authors I like but this time I was insane and decided to search through The Pit. Cramps are making me bitchy so yay mockage post.
Beware The Pit )


Jan. 30th, 2009 08:19 pm
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My friend, [ profile] sarahkjrsten , is in a contest to have a role on Bones. Please vote for her! You have to register and then vote click on the green box.


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Title: Forgotten Memories
Author: LadySophieKitty
Fandom: Bones
Characters/Pairing: Booth, Brennan Booth/Brennan.
Table: In the Dark
Prompt: The Night We Met (#9)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 300
Summary: Dreams reveal the most interesting things


Forgotten Memories )

Title: Stardust
Author: LadySophieKitty
Fandom: Bones
Characters/Pairing: Booth, Brennan Booth/Brennan.
Table: In the Dark
Prompt: shooting stars (#5)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 300
Summary: Booth and Brennan see a shooting star and Brennan makes a wish.


A star, a star, a shining little star )
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I was bored tonight, but I don't have PS on this computer, so I fooled around on photobucket instead. Mostly fooling around with the same images. I'll probably make another post later.
graphics )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Booth/Brennan from Bones
Mulder/Scully from the X-Files
Angel/Cordelia from Angel (actually, this is currently my OTP *needs more A/C icons*) 

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Even though I wasn't going to until next month, once the post was staring at me, I couldn't help but join! So I'm participating in [ profile] ficfinishing 's October round. Yay! Unfortunately they don't have Harry Potter yet (*cough anyone who requests it in the fandom requesting post will be much loved cough*) so I joined for Bones. I have been writing for that fandom a bit more lately, and it would be nice to FINALLY finish A Phone Call Away/A Day with the Squints/In the Dark drabble table. I signed up for ADwtS though, and will do the rest next time. Unless Harry Potter gets approved, that is.

Maybe next time I'll try to write some Angel. Still a bit hesitant about writing for that fandom, though.

Just out of curiosity, anyone else on my F-list joining in for [ profile] ficfinishing  or Nanowrimo this year?

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Title: A Place Called Home
Author: LadySophieKitty
Fandom: Bones
Characters/Pairing: Booth, Brennan Booth/Brennan.
Table: In the Dark
Prompt: My lover's bed (#1)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 300
Summary: Her bed is one of his favorite places in the world to be.
Notes: Never written drabbles before, so tell me what you think!
I suddenly have a new respect for drabble writers )


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