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Jun. 8th, 2011 01:43 pm
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My kitties (boy and a girl) as of now are STILL nameless!

Every idea I have either my mom or her boyfriend say no to, and vice versa for me. Mom prefers Hispanic names, but I'm sure I'd be able to convince her otherwise if there's another name suggestion I like. Sadly still no pictures have been sent to me, but they're both white with grey ears and paws, bright blue eyes, and little boy has some dark on his face that makes it look like a mask.

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A note I legitimately included with a school assignment: AKA STOP WRITING MY ASSIGNMENT FOR ME, KITTY.

Sorry in advance for any gibberish written. My cat kept walking on my keyboard. I think I caught everything, but just in case, that’s why.

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I was watching Merlin, and this scene was kind of serious and intense when I realized there was some weird background music playing. Then cats started meowing! I was like, "wtf"? And then I realized that in another window, the cats singing Silent Night video was playing! It so ruined the mood, LOL.

And before that I accidentally clicked a link to watch 2x07 instead of 1x07. I was talking to [ profile] hmsharmony and she told me I was watching the wrong season and that I was going to be very confused. Apparently this episode likes to be difficult when it comes to me ;)
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