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Not sure how done I am with Harry Potter in general because a part of me will always treasure it and love it but:

As of this moment, I am DONE with the HPFF forums. DONE! (well okay, I might still play at the arcade, but that's it.)

Most of the awesome people have left, so what's mostly left are fucking idiotic brown nosing bastards. While this isn't the cause of me signing off, I am sick of the Harry/Hermione thread being full of people who basically go "OMG EWWW HHR IT'S LIKE INCEST RHR FTW I CAN'T SEE HHR HAPPENING AT ALL EVEN JKR SAID SO!!!!!!!" It also doesn't help that I am a Harry/Hermione loving HBP and DH and Twilight hating person while everyone else are Harry/Hermione hating DH and HBP Ron/Hermione Harry/Ginny Twilight loving people.

Sure, there are a lot of asshole Harry/Hermione shippers out there. Our ship often has a bad name because of them. And yet for some reason, I feel so fiercly protective of them, too. It's because I tend to feel over-protective over ships that get a hard time in fanon/canon. I feel the same exact way about Angel/Cordelia.

Another thing?  Phillip Pullman had a lovely quote about this that I can't find, but an author only has a certain amount of control over their work. Once it leaves their hands, it is free for people to interpret it in different ways. J.K. Rowling might have meant for Draco Malfoy to be a character everyone hates, but there are many MANY people out there who love him. It doesn't mean that they are wrong or that she's wrong. What you take out of a book or a movie or a TV show or a CD is going to be different than what I take out of it. It doesn't mean that I'm wrong or you're wrong.

ETA-this site is one of many sites that makes me pissed off and I sometimes (very rarely but on occasion) take it out on the fandom/author/other people. I apologize if this was ever the case for you. I really don't hate J.K. Rowling or the first 5 books or anything else I might have said at one point or another. I just feel frustrated sometimes at various parts of the fandom, and since I don't usually have a place to put that frustration, it comes out in the worst way possible.

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So I was watching Bones season 1 this morning which had me craving for some good BB fics. Usually I stalk the favorites page of authors I like but this time I was insane and decided to search through The Pit. Cramps are making me bitchy so yay mockage post.
Beware The Pit )

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 And whadaya know, I got another one! The second story I ever wrote 3 years ago (which is still a WIP) was for the Harry Potter fandom, and it was a time travel story. Very badly written, not very fond of the plot, and it hasn't been updated for a year, and I mostly lost interest in it when I pretty much lost interest in the Harry Potter fandom, though I'm trying to work on it. In fact, that's the story I'm trying to finish this month for [ profile] ficfinishing  though so far I'm failing. Anyway, so I check my e-mail this morning and I get:

People who write a disappointing end to a great series are suckers.

But people who refuse to finish a story for a rubbish reason are the greatest

I really wished to read this, even though the writing itself isn't so
interesting, the plot definitely is.

You suck. Period.

Written by an anonymous reviewer, big surprise there. 

Thanks, "Ah". I needed a good laugh today. 

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well that was a little pointless. I would classify it as a drabble..

Ahh, I remember the old days when I would get really offended and make a snarky reply back. Now I just snark in my LJ. :P

I just love how all my bad reviews are anonymous. C'mon people, if you wanna tell me something, then don't hide behind an anonymous name! Just tell me!

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Just when you think names for stories couldn't get any worse, you get Ethelfridge.


And to top it off it's in a karaoke fic.

Summary: I and my friend go to Hogwarts and hold a Karaoke contest! Special apperances!

“Caramac, you’re freaking me out.” Amy said, feigning fear, “Stop it!” she finally yelled.

“What if we use this little gadget to go to a little ol’ castle.” She dipped in her pocket and revealed a long, pointed stick.

“ I’m surrounded by invociles, we are going to go to Hogwarts!”.

“Ohhhhh. Right! Why?”

Carmel’s smile widened, “You do have the karaoke machine, right?”

Last time I checked, the word was 'imbeciles'. And surrounded? One person does not a crowd make.

And anyway, her friend seems to be taking this idea rather well. Personally, if someone pulled out a pointy stick and said (in all seriousness and not playing Hogwarts (or Sailor Moon or whatever else) like I used to do with my friends) that we were going to Hogwarts, I'd have to assume they were,
A) Insane,
B) Insane,
C) Insane, or
D) All of the above.

“Brilliant! A chance for I, Draco Ethelfridge Malfoy, to become the famous star he is predicted to become!”

Have I mentioned Ethelfridge yet? 

Also, apparently Scully is a sex kitty, because she "mewed" at Mulder after she kissed him in this one story.

If my sporkage posts start to annoy you, let me know and I will try to contain it.

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So yesterday [ profile] sweetjamielee gave me this link to a community called [ profile] badfic_quotes (total love, by the way) and I sort of browsed other fandoms for a while, gathering up my courage, before clicking on Harry Potter. First off, where as the other fandoms had been like a page, for Harry Potter I ended up having to skip 260. YES, 260! But it didn't fail. So I thought I'd share some of the LOLage here. Maybe later I'll share some other fandoms.

Cut for sporkage )

And the best part? I'm only on the second page, so I got quite a ways to go. I'll probably do another post (or few)

I think this community just made my life. I am constantly laughing. I might have to make a post myself, but I'm not sure if I'm creative enough for the commenting.



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I just rediscovered a few more gems on About two years ago I wrote a one-shot for Harry/Ginny, even though I can't stand that ship. I said as much in the author's note. So I get these:

I actually liked that very much. Sad, but good. What do you mean you despise Harry/Ginny?! -glares- Kindly read the sixth book, if you will. It might help you sort out your Harry/Hermione shipping problem.

How do you hat Ginny/Harry. They're the best. I think you should re-evaluate yourself

I dont think Harry/Ginny is to be despised- look at the 'Sunlit Days' of Ginny's Fifth year, and Hermione's taken by Ron anyway. I dont think that fanfic was boring either, infact, I liked it. I definately couldn't tell that you despised Harry/Ginny from this story.

And the best part? All of them are anonymous. Gave me a good LOL.

Harry Potter really is the best fandom ever.


Jun. 9th, 2008 08:50 am
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Well, I'm officially sick. Not surprising seeing as how I've had to sing this entire weekend (2 concerts plus a ton of rehearsals) and if there is a cold or cough going around, I'm going to get it. Seriously. This is my fifth time since September. As such, beware. I'm tired when I am sick, and when I am tired I get REALLY random. If you think I was random before, that was nothing, I promise you. And the fact that I spend the entire day yesterday trying to get my Tara mood themes to work and they just wouldn't? No help. So please, if you know how to put in your own mood theme, please let me know so I don't murder someone.

Fandom news: Yesterday I was at our local club working out (yes, I'm actually accomplishing something on my goals list for once!) and on top of each machine is a little television with a place to plug in your earphones and a remote so you can watch TV while you work out. I was browsing the channels when I came across the beginning of Law and Order SVU. I was like, "Hey, I used to watch this show (though another version) with my Dad sometimes. What the hell, I'll just watch it again." So I was watching it and the guest starring list was going on, when I noticed who was on the guest star list. EMILY DESCHANEL! I had a total fangirl moment, but I had to hold it back because all around me people were focusing on working out. So my pedaling went up to 190 pedals per minute before I calmed down and went back to 140. *end story*

Right now I'm reading a ton of parodies on Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, some of my least favorite books. Normally when I don't like something I might read a few negative things on it, feel better, and then move on with my life and feel a lot better. Not this time though. Every single fucking person at my school loves it, reads it, and talks about it. In fact, on Friday I saw someone wearing a Team Edward shirt. I'm not kidding. Even worse was that it was one of my friends. And it's everywhere else now, what with the entire internet population being obsessed with these books. As you can imagine, pure torture (why must I go to middle school/high school? Can't I just skip all that and go to college?). So as a way to let some of the bitchyness and anger and frustration out, and since I am not clever enough to do parodies like these people are (if you want to read these, let me know in a comment and I'll send you a link) and since either Bella and Edward are always doing something totally risky (not to mention it'll be kind of funny getting attacked by all the rabid fan girls) I'm going to write a story of all the ways they can die. (Wow that was a long sentence. *deep breath*) Since I don't have the first book with me at the moment, my first one will be my own creation.

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