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I just wrote a review on about one of my BIGGEST pet peeves: "I WON'T UPDATE UNTIL I HAVE 20 NEW REVIEWS!", and before that, whining about how they had so many alerts/favorites and so very few reviews. 

My response:

I just want to say something: I really, really hate it when people demand for a certain amount of reviews before writing the next chapter. In fact, it does the opposite, it makes me NOT want to review. It usually makes me press the back button and ignore the story. I'm just saying this because I think that this story has a lot of potential and could be great.

The fact is that fanfiction is like that. The ratio of alerts and favorites to reviews is not balanced. I have fics that have 15 favorites and NO reviews. It's like that sometimes, that's a big part of being a writer.
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While looking for Harry/Hermione stories at The Pit, I came across this summary: "Every man looks for a half-Swedish, half-Japanese, permanently 25-year-old, 5ft 8in bisexual gymnast with a penchant for slutty cocktail dresses and an erotically feisty side that meant arguments about the bills always deteriorates into sex" HP/HG

Me: Bwah?

I'm kind of tempted to read the story just to see if it's snark worthy.
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So I was watching Bones season 1 this morning which had me craving for some good BB fics. Usually I stalk the favorites page of authors I like but this time I was insane and decided to search through The Pit. Cramps are making me bitchy so yay mockage post.
Beware The Pit )

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Just when you think names for stories couldn't get any worse, you get Ethelfridge.


And to top it off it's in a karaoke fic.

Summary: I and my friend go to Hogwarts and hold a Karaoke contest! Special apperances!

“Caramac, you’re freaking me out.” Amy said, feigning fear, “Stop it!” she finally yelled.

“What if we use this little gadget to go to a little ol’ castle.” She dipped in her pocket and revealed a long, pointed stick.

“ I’m surrounded by invociles, we are going to go to Hogwarts!”.

“Ohhhhh. Right! Why?”

Carmel’s smile widened, “You do have the karaoke machine, right?”

Last time I checked, the word was 'imbeciles'. And surrounded? One person does not a crowd make.

And anyway, her friend seems to be taking this idea rather well. Personally, if someone pulled out a pointy stick and said (in all seriousness and not playing Hogwarts (or Sailor Moon or whatever else) like I used to do with my friends) that we were going to Hogwarts, I'd have to assume they were,
A) Insane,
B) Insane,
C) Insane, or
D) All of the above.

“Brilliant! A chance for I, Draco Ethelfridge Malfoy, to become the famous star he is predicted to become!”

Have I mentioned Ethelfridge yet? 

Also, apparently Scully is a sex kitty, because she "mewed" at Mulder after she kissed him in this one story.

If my sporkage posts start to annoy you, let me know and I will try to contain it.

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So yesterday [ profile] sweetjamielee gave me this link to a community called [ profile] badfic_quotes (total love, by the way) and I sort of browsed other fandoms for a while, gathering up my courage, before clicking on Harry Potter. First off, where as the other fandoms had been like a page, for Harry Potter I ended up having to skip 260. YES, 260! But it didn't fail. So I thought I'd share some of the LOLage here. Maybe later I'll share some other fandoms.

Cut for sporkage )

And the best part? I'm only on the second page, so I got quite a ways to go. I'll probably do another post (or few)

I think this community just made my life. I am constantly laughing. I might have to make a post myself, but I'm not sure if I'm creative enough for the commenting.




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