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Day Nine: Favorite female character in a drama show

Lady Mary Crawley

She's one of the more interesting characters on the show to me, because while she sometimes appears to be cold and calculating (many of the characters accuse her of that) there is so much more to the character than that. Honestly, I'm not really sure what to say because there is SO MUCH there, but I love her relationship with Carson and I love how the show seems to really like taking long images of just her being sad or emotional. Michelle Dockery is so god at that.

Instead, I'm going to leave you with a link to someone who gets Mary REALLY well. It does contain spoilers to series 2 episodes, up to

That blogger is amazing.

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Day Eight: Favorite female character in a comedy show

Leslie Knope

I have to admit that I don't watch many comedy shows.  I have some lighthearted shows (Castle, White Collar, Chuck, etc) but other than Community, nothing. I wasn't sure whether to do Britta or Annie for today because I love them both, but then I started watching Parks and Recreations and I fell in love. Leslie is a fabulous character because she's smart and funny bit totally oblivious at the same time, she's sweet and naive and a good friend, and a really hard worker. She's inspired by powerful women in politics and tries to do the very best she can, even though most of her colleagues don't really care about the government. She is completely honest and tries her hardest not to be corrupt, to the point that sometimes she turns herself in to make herself feel better.
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Day Six: Favorite female-driven show

Legend of the Seeker
It was hard to think of a show for this, because I don't know too many female oriented shows. Maybe Rizzoli & Isles, but I don't want to call it my favorite until I'm caught up (though I was very impressed with the first season). Legend of the Seeker might have had a male main character, but it was a very female friendly show. Kahlan, Cara, Nicci, Denna, Shota and others were all part of the show. and were important in their own ways. Cara and Kahlan had a lot of development and I just loved them both so much, and Richard couldn't have gone far without them. Plus the show had some awesome girl/girl friendships and romances.

Day Seven: A female character that needs more screen time

Lady Edith Crawley
spoilers for series 2 of Downton Abbey )

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Sorry, this completely slipped my mind. I'll do today's and yesterday's entry in the next post. Was going to do 2 days in THIS one but it got a bit long.

Day Five: Favorite female character on a male-driven show

Cordelia Chase

I talked about Cordelia a lot in another entry a few months ago, and instead of basically saying the same thing, I'm going to just say the same thing.

Cordelia might actually be my favorite character in general. I love her SO MUCH, in all the different changes of character. We start out in Buffy has Cordelia being this rich, popular girl. As her license plate reads, she is Queen C, and she's also known as being bitchy. She has her gang of girls called the Cordettes. Queen C has some GREAT one liners (I must admit that when I'm watching TV and someone good looking comes on the screen, I say "Hello salty goodness"), and while she IS a bitch, she also has a nice side, too. She crashes her car into the school to save the Scoobies, and starts going out with Xander, eventually staying with him (after attempting to break up with him) despite the fact that she's told that if she wants to stay popular, she has to break up with him. Unfortunately he starts cheating on her with Willow, and she gets impaled after finding out, and we find out that on top of all that, she has also lost all her money and is working really hard just to get a dress from prom. Despite all that, and the fact that the Scoobies are mean to her after she breaks up with Xander, she still helps them fight vampires.

Now we get to my favorite part: Angel. She is still, essentially, the same girl she was on Buffy, but a bit harder. She still has great one liners ("You don't know who he is, do you? Oh boy, you're about to get your ass kicked!" "I think it, I say it. It's my way" "Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass.") and while she teams up with Angel and Doyle (and later Wes) to help fight the good fight, she says she's only doing it until her eventual stardom kicks in. This all changes when Doyle dies and gives her his visions, something that she, at first, tries to pass off to someone else. She hates visions because they hurt like hell and she sees and feels things she doesn't really want to see or feel.

But she accepts these visions eventually, because she feels like it's her part of helping them. In fact, she hides the fact that they're killing her because she doesn't want to feel useless anymore. The visions (along with Connor being born and falling in love with Angel) really change Cordy, and she becomes a warm and caring person. She gets called Saint Cordelia a lot in the fandom, but I don't mind the changes because I think that they were because of her visions (and, well, just growing up), and I can understand that. Cordelia was truly the heart and soul of the show, and after she leaves, everyone's character falls apart a bit and embraces the darker sides of themselves. They go to Wolfram and Hart intending to change the company from the inside, but it's really the other way around, with Wolfram and Hart changing THEM. She uses her last chance to come back to get her man (and through him, everyone else) back on track.
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Day Two: Favorite supporting female character

Rose Tyler
Rose was an amazing character: she had great chemistry with both the leads and I shipped them, I could relate to her, she was a well developed character with flaws and strongpoints, and man she could pull at your heartstrings. When she cries, I want to cry (and, like with Doomsday, I do)  when Rose laughs, I want to laugh.

Rose also had an amazing determination and loyalty. She wasn't always the nicest to the people close to her (Jackie and Mickey come to mind) but it wasn't usually intentional and mostly due to her total restlessness in her life. But she cared so much and stuck up for what she thought was right. She went after Nine even after he made her go home, she tried to save the Earth when the Doctor was still recovering. She knew who to go after when people's faces were getting sucked, she knew what the Doctor was trying to say at the space station and got everyone rounded up to play on their strengths, she didn't want to abandon the Doctor because she believed in him, and she figured out who the devil was on the rocket.

On top of that, when she was trapped in the other universe, she never gave up on seeing the Doctor again. Rose built a dimension canon and saved everyone from the parallel world in Turn Left (and she did all this without ever telling anyone her name!).

Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth

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I started this last December (has it really been that long?) and never finished, so let's try again. Some answers might be the same, some might be different.

Day One: Favorite lead female character

Olivia Dunham
I love this woman so much! She's just so strong and fierce, but in a sort of quiet way. She can kick your butt and have awesome escape scenes, but there's also a warmth and gentleness to her, especially when she's with children. She's determined and cares deeply for the people she loves, as shown in the pilot where she worked extremely hard to find a cure for the man she cared for deeply. Olivia doesn't laugh or smile as much as the Olivia in the other universe, but when she does it's amazing and her whole face lights up.

Another thing I love about her is the fact that she's a protector. Olivia had a very hard childhood, but she tried to protect her sister from that as much as she could, and she used the anger and fear she felt as a child to become an FBI agent to help others. Anna Torv does an amazing job playing her, too.

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Day Ten: Favorite female character in a scifi/supernatural show

I said Cordelia last time, so, Olivia Dunham! I love her. I think the thing is with her is that  (like Tara, who I also love) she's a more quiet and subtle character, so a lot of people tend to think she's boring. But she's smart and fierce and loyal and loving. Awesome!

Day Eleven: Favorite female character in a children’s show

I don't watch many children's shows these days, but supposedly Merlin is one, so I'm gonna say Morgana again.

Day Twelve: Favorite female character in a movie

Mal Cobb! She was so hot and sexy and French and evil. Probably not my real answer but I don't watch many movies and she's the first that came to mind.

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Remember this? I was so good about it the first few days and then I got really bad! So, here we go.

Day Eight: Favorite female character in a comedy show
I actually don't watch too many comedy shows, and the few I do watch, I usually love the male characters (I know! So rare, Usually I'm ALL about the ladies. But Doctor Cox, for instance, always makes me laugh). So this one made me struggle for a bit. Then I thought of one! She's so funny and weird and wacky and always makes me laugh. In fact, I usually think of her as a grown up version of Luna Lovegood.
Phoebe Buffay

Day Nine: Favorite female character in a drama show
This one was so easy. CORDELIA FUCKING CHASE Y'ALL!

I. LOVE. HER. From her days of reigning Sunnydale High as Queen C to her trying to become a famous actress to becoming the heart of the show, a woman who gave up her life for the greater good. I know some people don't like Cordelia after that, but once she got her visions, well, I think seeing what she saw on a regular basis would change anyone.

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Day Seven: A female character that needs more screen time


Actually, I'm kind of torn about this. I mean, she's such an ignored character, but these days when they DO use her, her characterization is SO OFF, even if it's a joy to watch Katie be her. So, I guess what I really want is more screentime with old!Morgana.

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Day Six: Favorite female-driven show

Back to doing this now! It was hard to think of one, but in the end I have to say Legend of the Seeker because while there are male characters, Denna and Cara and Kahlan and Nicci, etc, are all important and it's a show that definitely does feel more feminine. Plus, I love it, and the show has awesome girl/girl relationships/romances.

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Day Five: Favorite female character on a male-driven show

Cordelia Chase
I love this woman so fucking much. In fact, I'm kind of surprised I haven't used her before, but looking at other days, she's definitely going to come up again. I love Lilah and I love Darla, but to me, Cordy IS Angel the series. She's the heart, the humor, etc. She worked in a male environment (am choosing to ignore Fred right now) with Gunn, Wes, and Angel. Angel might have been the boss, but it was obvious that Cordelia was the one really in charge. Without her, well, the show was just not good anymore. I'm trying not to go too in depth with this description because of how I'll be using her again.

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Day Four: A female character you relate to

Hermione Granger
I was thinking about what my answer would be while falling asleep (yes, I am a geek) and the way I interpreted this was the character I'm the most like. It was something I struggled a bit with seeing as how I'm not really like most of the female characters I can think of. The closest I got to that was Hermione. We're both big bookworms who got too caught up in rules and were a goody two shoes before we calmed down and relaxed a little bit. And yeah, we struggled a bit with making friends, but once we did, well, that was that. At times we are both a bit too concerned about being right, which leads to often being overeager in class.

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Day Three: A female character you hated but grew to love

Adelle DeWitt
I struggled with this one because usually when I dislike a character, they remain disliked or, at the very least, tolerated. I think this was the closest one I could think of, and in her case, it wasn't even hate. I think what turned me off so much at first was that she was the HBIC of a place where they basically brainwash people and sell them. Then I got to know Adelle, got to see her complexities and how much she actually DID care for her dolls. In the end she fought the good fight with them. Yeah, her morals are a bit messed up, but she's so much more than that.

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Day Two: Favorite supporting female character

 Morgana le Fay
I think it's safe to say that in the past year, I've become obsessed with this character. First, for the shallow reasons. Gorgeous hair, gorgeous eyes, gorgeous dresses, just gorgeous! Now that I've gotten THAT out of the way, on to my other reasons. I love her because she's always trying to help out the people she cares about, even when it puts her in danger. While I doubt that Uther would kill her (he loves her too much!) the truth is, she believes it. And yet she's still always trying to save Arthur and everyone. Sure she manipulates Arthur a lot, but she does it because she's trying to get him to be a good person who's doing the right thing. Yes, I am ignoring season 3 right now.

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Am doing this first, will do the shipping meme after!
Day One: Favorite lead female character

Dana Fucking Scully
I love this woman. Her bitchfaces of win, her awesomeness with a gun, her hair/glasses/phone/computer lulziness throughout the seasons, her internal debate between religion and what she sees every day. This woman is flawless!
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