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I have a gift card (actually, I think I have two lol) from Barnes & Noble and I want to buy some books. Any recommendations?
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rolled sugar cookies

These turned out really great! My friend and I made a much smaller batch than listed, 14 cookies. We also pretty much just checked to make sure I had all the ingredients and didn't read all of the steps, so it turned out that we had to let the dough chill overnight. But in my opinion one major thing about cooking and baking is being able to improvise a bit because I tend to make minor mistakes. We put it in the freezer for about half an hour which seemed to work well. We also made our own frosting using confectioners sugar and water and just stirring until it thickened. No food coloring, so it was just white frosting. These were so good, we both agreed that we thought it was like something we'd get at a bakery.

hot cocoa cookies

I made these with another friend! We pretty much managed to follow as is without any major mistakes until the end, when we had put the dough balls on the first pan and realized that we forgot to mix in the chocolate chips and decided to put extra mallow bits on top along with the ones mixed in. After that we mixed in dark chocolate chips and forgot to put the extra mallow bits on top, though they were still pretty marshmallowy. I tried one of each and surprisingly liked the ones without better. The ones with were slightly harder and the chips made it so that it was hard to taste the flavor of the actual cookie. The one without was really nice and soft and fluffy and had a really nice flavor. Definitely making these again WITHOUT chocolate chips.
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I've been at college for several months now and I did manage to make a few things before I left and then I baked quite a bit during this vacation so I do have a lot to post today! And possibly more after this weekend as a few of my friends want to bake with me.

32. pumpkin nut muffins
Last week I went to San Francisco for a few days and wanted to make some muffins to eat for easy breakfasts while there. We also didn't have any butter so I wanted a muffin recipe that used oil instead. These were a success! At first I thought they were a bit bland when I tried one after it had cooled for half an hour or so, but I changed my mind after that. I might add a few more spices next time but it was fine. And I added walnuts instead of pecans, as we had no pecans in the house. But the walnuts were great, too.

33. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

I LOVE oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, so this recipe looked great for me and I decided to make it before heading off to college. Unfortunately, I discovered that I do not like applesauce as a big substitute. I thought it tasted strong of apples and gave it sort of an odd texture. I also did not have dark chocolate chips so I used milk chocolate instead.

34. zucchini and feta balls
I love zucchini and I love feta, and these were delicious! I'd never really fried anything before so that was an interesting experience. I used fresh mint from my garden and dried dill for the spices suggested. I also thought the peanut oil was quite strong in the flavor it gave the balls. I might have to experiment with different kinds of oils. Definitely eat this fast! An hour and a half later I had a few left and they had gotten a bit soggy by then, though they were still very good.

35. good morning muffins

I didn't like these at all. It was a bit time consuming to make although not very difficult, but the main problem was that I didn't like it with orange juice and orange marmalade. That was mostly my fault, though. I don't mind orange jelly but I had forgotten that I disliked orange marmalade as I hadn't had it in a while. Fortunately my sister's friend liked it so I was able to give the batch to her.

36. snickerdoodle chocolate chip cookies

These were so good! I love snickerdoodle cookies and I love chocolate chip cookies, so when I got home after months of not baking I thought why not make a recipe that combined both? Again, I did make some very minor changes. The first was that I did not have toffee chips and I don't like them very much, so I just added a few extra chocolate chips. The second is that my oven might not be as strong as hers, so I ended up having to bake them an extra 10 minutes or so. I only made a half batch, too, as I had just enough butter for that. I think I ate all 8 cookies in less than 24 hours! And then I used the extra cinnamon sugar to make cinnamon toast.
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My family is having a pretty busy week, so my sister and I were each asked to cook dinner for one night. I was more than happy to do so. Usually I just make salad to go with the meal, but I was asked to make an actual side dish, so a different veggie it was!

brown butter chicken linguine

This recipe took a little bit longer than I expected. I'm still new to cooking, so I can be a bit on the slow side, especially with preparing and chopping everything. I started an hour and 20 minutes before we were planning to eat (7:20) and we actually sat down to eat closer to 8. The recipe itself is actually pretty simple, it was complicated only in that you have to keep a close eye on the instructions because there is a lot of swapping what cooks on the skillet at a time. I also somehow missed the "cut into pieces" part of the chicken directions, so I ended up heating them up in a microwave for a few minutes and cutting them then, before adding it to everything.

I used red wine instead of white, and didn't have parsley to garnish. But this dish is INCREDIBLE. Really flavorful and rich, but not over the top and still a bit subtle. It's what I call a grower: you put it in your mouth and don't taste much at first and then all the sudden it's "oh my god, this is so flavorful and delicious!"

Definitely making this again.

sugar snap peas with mint and lemon

This was good too! Really simple to make. I used lemons and mint from our garden, which made it a convenient dish. Don't have too much to say about it.

These two worked pretty well together!
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chocolate chip cookie dough mug cake

Usually when I read a recipe online, I do 2 things. The first is that I read several of the reviews to see what people think or advice they have. The second is that I look at the list of the ingredients and figure out what I want to add, if anything, to make it more suitable to my tastes. For some reason, I did neither of these things this time. I think because I've come to expect that a blog's comments are usually made by people who want to make a recipe but haven't actually tried that, instead of sites like Epicurious where all the comments are reviews. Turns out that for once, most of the comments WERE reviews.  Then, instead of having them all listed out, it was written out in steps that took you to a different page.

This recipe was awful, in my opinion. I took it out of the microwave and it didn't look or smell great, but I just shrugged and figured it might still taste fine. It did not. It was too eggy and rubbery, really dense, a bit flavorless, and dry. I even checked to make sure I followed the recipe exactly, and I did.

Ways I would make it better:
1. Add vanilla and salt.  have NEVER baked anything without vanilla before, especially not something sweet!
2. Cut it down to half an egg if I use an egg at all. I've made a vegan mug cake before and it tasted fine without an egg.
3. Add some milk
4. Cut down the microwave time. I find usually 40 seconds is good, and you can always stick it in for a bit more if needed.

I'm not looking for a gourmet dessert by any means, since it IS a microwave cake that only takes a few minutes to make. But I've made a few others that were delicious, so I don't even think that's a good excuse. If you want a good mug cake, I suggest 5 minute chocolate fudge smore mug cake by how sweet eats

and one minute chocolate cake by chocolate covered katie (vegan) which needs a little bit of extra milk and sugar, but once you add that tastes fine. I'm not even a big fan of her blog anymore, minus a few good recipes which require some changing on my part, but I like this.
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I haven't updated this challenge for a while, mostly because I either haven't been cooking much, have been remaking some things like the turkey burgers I've posted before, been making super simple things, or just haven't gotten around to it! So I have a few to update. I'll post another one tomorrow, hopefully.

Now, normally I wouldn't post a grilled cheese sandwich on here (unless it was a gourmet complicated one) because mostly it's just bread, cheese, oil or butter, cooking a few minutes on each side. But this time was actually a bit more experimental for me. We didn't have any cheese in the house except for grumbled goat cheese, and I wasn't too sure how that would turn out. And actually, it turned out really well! I pressed the cheese down so that it wouldn't be quite so thick and slow to melt, and spent about 5 minutes on the first side, since I didn't want to flip until it had melted enough, and 3 minutes on the second.

lentil stew with ayib

Well, this certainly was an adventure. To start, the store I went to didn't provide any red lentils, in a can or bagged, so I got green instead. I'd never cooked lentils in a bag before and followed directions, but it never mentioned draining. Now that I think about it, it makes sense, but there didn't seem to be a whole lot of extra water. Well, when I added the 6 extra cups of water, it was TOO MUCH but I thought that maybe some of the water evaporated. I ended up having to pour out some of the water, and guessed the extra amounts of tomato paste and spices to make up for that. So this wasn't a porridge like so much as LENTIL SOUP! It seemed to be a hit with my family, though I personally thought it was a bit on the bland side (and looking back, although she listed the garam masala in the ingredients, I didn't see anywhere to put it in so I hadn't noticed I never used it until after), though I liked it much better the second night.

The cheese was easy enough to make and did add a nice flavor to it. I'm not fond of cottage cheese outside of lasagna, but I didn't mind.

I'm definitely getting better at cooking and being ok with not following a recipe exactly, but it certainly makes me laugh when I'm reminded how much of a newcomer I am. But that's kind of the fun of cooking too: having to improvise when things don't go exactly right. And when it tastes good after, it really feels like an accomplishment.
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I now have a new header, default icon, and FO picture!

The layout's the same but I fixed up the codes a bit to have it match the colors.

What do you think?

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Thanks to [ profile] flyingharmony for the help!
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recipe here

It was my sister's friend's birthday recently, and since she is like another big sis to me, I asked her what she wanted me to bake her for her birthday. She said something lemony, so I went through the recipes I had saved and tried to find something that sounded good AND I had all the ingredients for. This one met both.

I LOVE lemony treats but I had never made one before, so it took me a minute to figure out that grated lemon zest was the skin and that no, I shouldn't grate the whole thing. Ooops. But I was able to salvage that mistake easily (and fortunately we have plenty of lemons from our lemon tree) and do it properly the next time. This was a fairly straightforward recipe. I was a bit skeptical about how dry it would be considering it didn't use milk, melted butter (just creamed butter), or eggs, but the lemon juice seemed to do the trick. This made me 14 cookies, but I tend to like my homemade cookies a bit smaller than most other people do.

Notes about this cookie: IT REALLY IS CHEWY (hey, it's in the name!), but there's this especially lemony bit in the center that's not quite cooked all the way through, which makes it sound awful but it's so good. It's almost like a lemon bar in that way, which is what the recipe said. I ate 2 as soon as they were out of the oven, so I suppose where everybody else is concerned, it made a dozen :P In other words, I thought it was delicious.

I hope my sister's friend enjoys them!
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Today my friend came over and we made a huge brunch type spread. So 2 of these are recipes we've followed, and one of them is my own recipe (for scrambled eggs, which I have perfected by now)

french toast sticks

These turned out REALLY badly. I don't think it was the recipe so much as it was us. We planned out the meal yesterday and so I had only gotten to the store yesterday, and I bought a banana as I didn't have any. It was pretty much the only one not green and the recipe called for a really ripe banana. Also the recipe suggested cinnamon raisin bread, which we got, but it was a bit on the thin side and the batter didn't really stick to the bread at all and it cooked weirdly and blegh. I didn't even try it because my friend took a bite of hers and told me to not even bother. Recipe fail!

apple pie muffins

These were pretty good. The apples didn't really shine through though, like, you couldn't really taste them at all. I'm not sure what kind of apples they were (my friend is the one who brought them over) but the recipe didn't specify, so. The brown sugar crunchy top was amazing, however! In fact, the muffins tasted more like brown sugar than apple. I only had one, so maybe they'll improve with further tastings, sometimes I will feel meh about something only to really enjoy it later on.

Now I'm off to the gym to work off all that plus the sausage we consumed for breakfast.

And then Scrambled Eggs.

Usually when I make them, I make them just for me so I use 2 eggs. Since there were 2 of us today, I used 4.
I either mince 1 clove of garlic and then mince some red onion and put them, along with a little bit of salt, in a bowl of whisked eggs and mix them together. Sometimes I will grate the garlic and melt it with the butter (I only do the previous if I decide to use oil instead of butter for the pan) and then put the onion/egg combination in. Occasionally I'll put in a very small dab of cream cheese to make it creamier. Today my friend wanted cheese, so I grated some sharp white cheddar.

Then I put it on the pan and put it on medium low, and constantly stir the eggs, maybe for about 5-7 minutes.
Today I just minced and mixed everything, even though I used butter for the pan.

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recipe here

With 4 people in the house and only 6 muffins from my last batch, they went FAST! I was in the mood for more muffins (they make the perfect lazy breakfast! All I have to do is stick one in the toaster oven, make myself some tea, and ready!) and decided to make these.

Fairly straightforward, probably took me 12 minutes to put everything together and then stick it in the oven (no raw sugar to put on top, though!), and put it in for 17 minutes. I like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, so I was sure I'd like them as a muffin too. I did! Nice and moist, not too dry like some muffins can be.

Coming up next: baked zucchini sticks (probably tomorrow, as I've been on a real baking and cooking kick lately)
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recipe here

If you can't tell, I've been a bit recipe crazy these past few days. It helps that there's a bunch of stuff in the house that needs to be eaten. We were gone for a few days and when we came back we had these GIANT zucchinis. My contribution today were these zucchini bites, which according to the site is something like a mini quiche and a muffin. Personally I think they're more like a min quiche, or maybe an omelet.

The original recipe said it would make 24 mini muffins, but my eyes must have skipped the mini part. I decided to halve the recipe because 12 would be just fine for me. I took out a regular muffin pan and it filled about 6 of those maybe a little over half. I also didn't have fresh parsley in the house but I'm not a fan so I was fine going without.

I used slightly sharp white cheddar. The recipe was really simple, just a lot of peeling, grating, cutting, and stirring.

They were OK. Light and fluffy, and the cheese I chose wasn't too strong or overpowering. Next time I might add some salt or pepper, just to give it a little oomph, because they were a bit on the bland side.

Had these for lunch, along with some of my leftover cashew chicken, and it was a good meal.
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recipe here

Remember those pumpkin cakes I made a while ago? Well, I had some leftover pumpkin puree in a container that I had been using here and there for other recipes but needed to use up. Pumpkin muffins sounded like a good idea, and it's something I enjoy eating.

We only had about half a cup of pumpkin left at this point, though, so I had to halve the recipe and make only 6 muffins. I used regular milk instead of evaporated milk (and forgot to halve it but it turned out well despite the fact I used too much milk). I also forgot to add spices to the top to add a bit of extra crunch beneath the cream cheese, but that wasn't a problem.

This recipe turned out really good, in my opinion. I sort of guessed at the amounts for the frosting and adjusted as needed. I don't usually put much frosting on, anyway, so I was able to figure out how much was good for ME.

My only complaint (which might be my fault, I did cut up the butter well but maybe not well enough) was that it was really buttery. I don't have a pastry cutter so I just used a knife and did the best I could. I added raisins, too, which was a great addition. Pumpkin and golden raisins are a good combination in muffins.

So next time I will make the full dozen muffins, remember the spice on the top of the muffin, and try to find a way to make it not so buttery. Definitely a keeper, though!
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recipe for cashew chicken here

I actually doubled this recipe as we had 5 people eating dinner tonight. Other changes included: extra garlic, cooking sherry, and sesame oil.

This was very good. I thought with all the honey it would be very sweet, but then again while I did double the ingredients I didn't double it for the sauce.

First stir fry I've ever made! Good thing to know for the future.
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recipe here

I have to admit that I do like pumpkin in things, although I'm not the biggest fan of pumpkin pie. I will have a slice and enjoy it, but I won't go out of my way to seek it. Pumpkin cookies, though? Yum.

This recipe looked good and it came from a blog I like, so I thought I'd give it a try. Holy shit it was amazing, especially with the glaze on top. And it was SO EASY TO MAKE. I did have to sub for a few things (pumpkin spice and pastry flour, mostly, but those were also easy to substitute, even if I had to do some guessing on my part) but other than that I followed the recipe completely and didn't add anything.

It was a bit too sweet for breakfast, though. I know, it says CAKE which is usually sweet, but sometimes blogs come up with fancy names. I'll just say it was for a special occasion for my graduation and then save it for future special occasions. Like hey, my birthday in November!

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recipe here

I must admit that I didn't just make this. This was a recipe I made (twice, actually!) a little while ago but with the fail of a burger recipe I posted today I thought I'd post a good one as well. This is actually one of my FAVORITE recipes!

It's really good and so easy to make. I'm not even much of a mayo fan but the lime mayo was fabulous! No changes made except for the fact that I usually use a little extra meat and make 5 burgers.
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recipe here

We have a BUNCH of pita bread in the house that needed to be used up, so I thought I'd make something as a sandwich filling.

This recipe...well, I'm not really sure what I think. The mint sauce is really good, but I don't like the actual burger very much. The flavoring seems a bit off and the texture of the chicken isn't quite right. I actually followed the recipe exactly with no changes made this time.

I won't be making it again, though I might keep the recipe for the mint yogurt.
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I'm someone who believes in rewarding themselves for working extremely hard. It's also been super hot lately which means that I like cooling myself off with cold drinks. A few days ago I tried making the frozen hot chocolate recipe again with amazing results, and today I thought I'd try something else. Unfortunately the only fruit we have at the momentare bananas, and while I don't mind them IN stuff as long as I can't taste it (the only exception being banana bread which I like) but I hate things that actually taste like banana.

So I thought I'd try a new recipe for sugar cookie milkshake at my favorite vegan blog here and since I didn't have any sugar cookies I also made the recipe she posted here

The cookies probably took about 15 minutes to make including the baking time, made 5 medium sized cookies, and tasted just OK fresh from the oven. It was undercooked so I would suggest baking it a bit longer. At first I liked this recipe a lot but then I tried other sugar cookies and realized how bad this one was in comparison. Mine weren't completely vegan as I did use a little milk. Haven't had the chance to buy almond milk yet.

The shake? Too banana-y for me. I've noticed that her milkshake recipes (or really, her recipes in general) tend to have fancy names that taste nothing like they suggest.

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I think I've been really craving cinnamon rolls lately. It's probably been 9 years since I've had one, and on pinterest I keep adding things having to do with it. No yeast cinnamon rolls, cinnamon roll pancakes, cinnamon roll oatmeal, etc. The oatmeal seemed like the healthier and easier option.

recipe here

I enjoyed the recipe! The "frosting" topping was really delicious. I didn't make any changes, although I might add pecans next time. I was thinking about it this time but the pecans we have right now are the sweet&spicy kind and I thought it would change the taste too much, and not in a good way. All together it probably took a little less than 10 minutes to make. It's the end of the semester, so I especially appreciate the short amount of time.
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I love English muffins (though I haven't had them in a long time!) and was curious what homemade ones would taste like. However, I heard that making English Muffin Bread was easier and less time consuming, so I thought I'd give that a try.

recipe here

I didn't want to make 2 loaves of bread, so I halved everything. In some cases, this led to estimation for the measurements. I made a mistake too by forgetting to halve the water amount, though I drained as much as I could.

VERDICT: Good! A little watery in taste, but that's my fault.

Would I make it again: Yes, although probably not for a while because it is a lot of bread for one person

Changes I'll make next time: I might try it with some raisins or the other additions they mentioned! It's a bit bland, which could be because of the extra water.
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ETA: I have commented to every person on my flist I see. If you posted yours after this entry, please link! I want to say something to everyone.


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