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A friend of mine came over today to bake with me and she wanted to make these sugar cookie bars.

39. sugar cookie bars

We followed the recipe as is. The bars themselves came out pretty OK but the frosting made WAY too much (we probably used only 1/3 of the amount that the recipe made) and way too sweet. In fact, they were so sweet that we both said that we wished we had made another recipe instead. If I ever made the recipe again I would use a different frosting recipe. We also didn't have any food dye so the frosting was just white.

We put parchment paper inside of the pan to put the batter on top of which made it so that there was no mess on the pan. This made the cleanup SO easy.

40. chocolate chip cookies
I made this a couple months ago (I guess I forgot to post about it) as a thank you present for some girls in my hall. They came out extremely soft and chewy and extremely delicious. One of the girls even asked me if I had some secret ingredient that I used. I think that using both white and brown sugar adds a nice flavor to it.

The only real change was that the dough as directed didn't seem quite right so I had to add a bit more milk. Here's what it looked like at first:

They also looked a bit undercooked fresh from the oven so I had to cook them a bit extra:
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